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Quest 64

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Reviewed by Trey Green So many Die-Hard gamers were looking forward to Zelda 64, so Nintendo snuck in Quest 64 to, should I say, tease the RPG market. Many people passed this game up, but I decided to give it a try. I being a fan of all RPG games thought a little RPG never killed anyone. Well, it killed Goemon-Mystical Ninja, a so called "RPG".

Graphics 9 out of 10

The scenery in this game is INCREDIBLE, and no two places are the same. The term RPG for this game should stand for Revolutionary Performing Graphics! The enemies are smooth, sleek looking animals with different characteristic, razor sharp fangs (not body parts) and really scared the crap out of you when one popped up out nowhere. The main character Brian is as smooth and sleek looking as Mario 64, and his magic spells are amazing to watch, from a melting boulder squashing an enemy, or a wave of water drowning every body on screen. The graphic's only faults, as in Mario's, is that you sometimes walk up to wall, with half your hand in the wall.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

Great soundtrack, with each part of the game having it's own paced music, which I woke up humming quite a few times. The sound of everything are very realistic, from chests opening to a staff cracking open the head of a werewolf. The only downside to the music is the music when entering battle. Since it happens so often, the same sounds over and over again had me avoiding fighting, no matter how easy the opponent. Still, Mario passes it up in the Sound department, but it is superb compared to other games (Diddy Kong Racing)

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

This game seems sooooooo hard at first, that only RPG lovers will stick with it. The first boss left me in a coffin over and over again. So, I looked up some faqs about the game, found info on each type of spell (fire, earth, water and wind). The game went much easier after I learned the heal spell. Still, I was using up so much magic that I would run out. So I worked and worked until I got the magic drain spell. It was all over from then on. The game went by quickly, leaving me to finish in about 3 days of on- again off- again playing. After you've beaten it, the game is pretty much worthless.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

I loved this game up until I beat it. Though it was lacking the complexity of Final Fantasy 7, and the multiple person party of Super Mario RPG, I still enjoyed the sheer Roleplaying experience. Every time I found a new city, I would look in every room (which seemed like a million), talk to everyone, then go throw myself at the boss. No matter how many times the boss killed me, I would keep on keeping on until he/she was dead. I was in my room for hours at a time just playing, fighting the easiest guys just to get that little edge. My parents thought I had died in my room.


High until you got the right spells. Patience my son!

Replayability 5 out of 10

After you beat the game, replay is pointless, but is fun to try to see what all the spells do. In this game, one seems to find one type of spell and stick to it. I still wonder what spells wind had...

Game Value 5 out of 10

I wouldn't recommend buying it, because of the replay section above. But, if you enjoy the game a LOT, buy it, play it, then sell it off to someone like yourself.

Some annoying things

In this game, enemy confrontations in the wild are random, much like that of Final Fantasy 7. I enjoy RPG games in which you can avoid bad guys, like Super Mario RPG. I would sometimes be with only 1 hit point left, running for the castle walls, when a giant chicken would fry me with a fire spell. I would also know when it was coming. Right when your magic or hit points got low, BAM! Here come another group of dragons. Another annoying thing is that 75% of the rooms in this game are empty. This game was obviously rushed, and was very annoying when you walked into a room, hoping for a store, or a person, only to see a blank wall and a bed. Also, movement is restricted in battle to a little force field area, which limits your movement to about 10 steps in all directions.

Some good things

This entire game is turn based, unlike Final Fantasy 7, where they may attack several times while you are planning your first move. On this game, you can sit back, contemplate your move, walk around in your little force-field area and not have to worry about 20 fireballs singing your hair off while you prepare your "rock" spell. Adding to that, if your enemy attacks you with a boulder shower, you can run around in your little area, hoping that you may get away from a deadly hail above. If this game made you stand there and take it (Super Mario RPG) you would die in about 30 seconds. Lastly, characters give you free stuff all the time, from bread to special items. All the characters seem to know you, and the ones who don't know about you seem to respect you. The last guy you fight relies on you to get him out of a prison!

Overall 9 out of 10

This game was superb while it lasted, and can be only be described as GREAT, nothing else. I wouldn't recommend buying it, but is a great rental for about five days. I highly recommend this game, so while deciding between B.I.O. Freaks or Quest 64, pick Quest, because as I always say, A little roleplaying never killed anybody!

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