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Quest 64

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Reviewed by Owen In Quest 64, you are Brian, the apprentice Spirit Tamer. The three surrounding kingdoms have been at peace for years, but now an evil being has stolen the Eletale Book. Your father, a Spirit Tamer himself, goes to retrieve it, but disappears. You vow to find your father, the Eletale Book, and destroy the thing that stole it.

Graphics 8.5 out of 10

The Japanese development team did a wonderful job creating a beautiful game with lots of places to explore. Each magic spell is portrayed with animation as well. Each character has its own look, as do the cities. The people are only very slightly polygonal, and they look realistic (At lest to me). The world is a 3-D one, and one of the only bad things is the views in battle. Trees and hills sometimes get in your way...

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

The music and sound add a lot to the game. The walk-around music doesn't do much besides provide a nice background. There are pretty cool sound effects in battle when you or the enemies uses spells or attacks. There is different background music almost everywhere you go, but the battle music can become annoying. Also, the footfalls can be a little irritating.

Challenge 5.5 out of 10

Quest isn't easy or hard. Its battles get harder as you progress (Although they can also be repetitive), but that's almost the only challenge. There are hardly any puzzles or side plots to add to the challenge. Most of it is just working toward your main objective, finding your father. It has mediocre rating from me for challenging. One real challenge is seeing through trees in battle..

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

Personally, I enjoy it. Maybe it's just because I like RPG's, but I think it is fun to explore, fight, and cast magic spells. There are many different enemies, as there are spells to destroy them with. There are lots of different castles, towns, and battle fields to explore and find spirits on (The spirits raise your magical power). The great graphics make it more fun, as well as the different items, and knowing that anything could happen at anytime.


Not much frustration here, except for a little when you are fighting a major enemy, like the thief, and you just can't figure out how to kill him or hurt him without getting hurt too much yourself. As mentioned before, the views can get in the way, but you get used to it. Using the control stick to move Brian can be awkward, but not usually. If you get lost, too, that isn't very much fun.

Replayability 4 out of 10

I haven't beaten it yet, but it doesn't look like there will be much replay value. There aren't any different paths to take or roads to follow. It's all the same thing each time. Find your father and recover the Eletale Book. Nope, not much replayability.

Game Value 8 out of 10

Again, it might just be me, but QUEST IS AWESOME! Heck, it even came with a cool poster! Anyway, with an overall rating of about 7, I think it was definitely worth it. Quest is the first RPG for N64, which might be part of the reason, but it really has very good graphics and spiffy sound. The magic spells are cool, and the sound FX are nicely done.

Overall 41 out of 60

Quest is a very detailed, large, 128 megabit game, and it is one of the best N64 titles yet. It supports the Controller Pak, and is just very appealing. High ratings in most subjects, it is a must have for any RPG fan. The frustration isn't very bad, it isn't a lot of little things or one big thing. It is just a few tiny things. It is just the same price as the average N64 game, and it is worth the $64.99.

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