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Reviewed by Scott McCall From the developers of Doom 64 comes the N64 incarnation of Quake. Unlike Doom 64, though, Quake for the N64 is just a port of the computer version and does not contain any new levels. And while Quake is a great conversion, it all boils down to what you think of Quake as a one-player game, because the multi-player mode is nothing special. Wisely, the developers of Quake let you completely customize your controller configuration. You can assign any button or direction on the controller to do whatever you want. Just go to the Options/Controls screen and press A on "Setup Controller" for Player 1 to change it. And opposed to Doom 64, all of your options can be saved to the Controller Pak. Because of the user-defined customization, everything feels comfortable and smooth once you step into the action. The graphics in Quake are quite nice. Everything in the one-player mode moves at a smooth, brisk speed, and the overall look of the game is somewhere between the original Quake and GL Quake. There are also some cool lighted textures throughout the levels. On the downside, the monsters and the animation of them are well below the likes of Turok and GoldenEye. Also, the two-player deathmatch, though not too bad, is a little on the choppy side, which is perplexing because of the scrunched screens. In the sound department, the N64 version of Quake didn't fare so well. There is some actual music at the title screen and when you complete a level, but it's pretty shoddy. The actual in-game music is obviously not going to be a conversion of Trent Reznor's tunes, but Doom 64 did a better job of providing ambient sound. In addition, the sound effects in Quake were always weak and muffled, and they haven't been improved on the N64. Let's face it, the main attraction of Quake is its multi-player, networked deathmatches. And since the N64 conversion only has deathmatch for two, Quake really seems amazingly average compared to the likes of Turok, GoldenEye, and Duke Nukem 64. The one-player mode in Quake was and still is nothing more than average. It's an action-packed romp in the same vein as Doom, but the level design and weapons leave a lot to be desired. On any other system, Quake is a pretty decent single-player game. But on the N64, it probably ranks slightly below average. If you so happen to be a fan of Quake's missions but don't get a chance to play them on a PC, then the N64 conversion is nearly flawless. However, the lack of a good multi-player mode, coupled with an average single-player mode, makes Quake a questionable purchase for most gamers out there.

Graphics: 4.1 out of 5 Sound: 2.9 out of 5 Control: 4.4 out of 5 Gameplay: 3.2 out of 5 Lastability: 3.4 out of 5 Overall: 3.3 out of 5

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