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Reviewed by Kirk Gibson Ever since Doom came out for the PC, I have been an avid fan of 1st person shooters. When I first laid my hands on Quake for the PC, I was blown away by the eerie mood, great graphics, and interesting weaponry. Quake for the Nintendo 64 (to this point) is the best PC to console version that I have seen. The disappointment found from a less-than-par Hexen or mediocre Doom 64 are not present in this game. While the graphics have been slightly toned down, the images are still crisp and well drawn, while running at a smooth 30 fps. There is also a filter option which allows you to decide whether you want a smooth or more rugged look for the game. The play-control is also excellent. There isn't the herky-jerky movement found in previous 1st person shooters for the N64 (i.e. Hexen). The controller set-up is well-done and easy to use, and is also completely changeable if you prefer a different controller configuration. The speed of the game may take some getting used to, but it only took me about 15 minutes until I was playing comfortably. And let's not forget plenty of secrets, including secret missions to come across! Even after beating this game, going through again (don't forget to up the difficulty) to discover some new goodies have kept me coming back for more. The only disappointment I found in Quake for the N64 was in the sound. I have always been critical of the sound elements of a game, as they can greatly enhance (or detract) from the over-all interest in the game. There is practically no music during the game (that great Nine Inch Nails soundtrack found in the PC hit was unable to be fit into that tiny N64 cartridge), which for me is a big minus. I like to have some kind music set the mood for the game (or level...). The only time you get to hear music is in-between missions, and the sound is great! Too bad they couldn't incorporate it into the missions. The sound effects could also use some work. The nail gun sounds great, but the shotgun isn't very believable, and some of the ugg's could use a tune-up. Other than that, I can't complain about Quake for the N64. Those of you who have played it all the way on the PC might think twice about buying this title, but first time Quakers should enjoy the game over-all.

Graphics - 9 Sound - 6.5 Play-control - 8.5 Replay value - 7.5 Overall - 8

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