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Quake 2

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Reviewed by Dr. Gregory Daniel What a game! Warning: Contents are addictive. An adaption for levels dedicated to the Nintendo 64 Is just what the Quake on Nintendo 64 franchise needs.

Graphics 8 out of 10

I loved the game, and the graphics were sweet. I should talk to someone with the expansion pak but I trust that with it there is a great significance. But there was nothing messed up. The design and lighting were great but different from the original. Watch smoke trails and explosion from you're hi-tec weapons.

Music and Sound 5 out of 10

The Quake 64 music had me shaking. It was creepy and I was influenced to write a huge book, (now on page 103) and only at the gloom keep. Could be a huge success someday!) Anyway, without the music, I would have lost all element of SCARY! Now I found the music by ken 'razor' to be a bit of a letdown. I was less terrified. The music was still good, but I was not terrified of Quake 2. We need to keep this up.

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

I am a firm believer that the NES games were the hardest. Reason?: little or no cheats, and cheezy graphic make more room for vast sprawling level. On Quake Or Quake II, you can hit the easy and go through like you're hot, but that isn't Quake. It just isn't. Normal is hard enough. Play a few levels on easy, just to get the feel for it, then quit for a bit and go for the normal. Or, If you really ARE hot, the hard level.

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

The framerate was bit jerky, but still it was a smooth, easy-to-control romp through Stroggos. The expansion pak makes things a lot better. While not as addictive as Goldeneye, long after you have mastered it, you will have terrible urges to play some more. Buy it. I did off the internet the day I was able to.

Rumble Pak 6 out of 10

Nothing new or exciting, just like any other first person shooter with it. If you have it, use it depending on if you want the weight or not.


If you are one of those people who just can't stop, you will become frustrated at points. It isn't the fact that you keep dying at the same spot over and over again (if you are you need to move down a skill level) but if you have worked hard to get to the end of the level and then die there. . . Cursing and swearing. In the sixth level, at the end where the door to the ship opens up, I was so excited the first time I played it on HARD that I ran to the door to fast and I mashed me into the ground.

Replayability 7 out of 10

Come back for more, the addiction rate explains it all. Read Gameplay-fun

Game Value 8.5 out of 10

If you are too stoked to wait for a lower price and have to buy it when It first shows, sure the price is worth it. If you just want it for fun later on in life but don't need it now, wait!

Overall 9 out of 10

Get ready for a fast-paced but slightly repetitive Quake outing. See humans blown to pieces, hear thing screech in the background, and get a little violent. A must-have gun game

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