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Pokemon Snap

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Reviewed by Rocky Pokemon has been one of the most famous franchises in video game history. Of course, there are people who hate them and kids who love them. I personally don't care. If a game is worth playing, I play it. So I got a hold of Pokemon Snap, and I have the same the game is a very strange one indeed.

Graphics: 3 out of 5

What can you expect from a Pokemon game? Cheerful and colorful characters populate the vast 3d worlds of Pokemon Snap. I think that the Pokemons are animated really well and are all very unique in look and style. They look just like their animated counterparts. True, the graphics don't look real, but the game is not trying to represent a real world, but a cartoon world, and it succeeds very well in doing the latter. Nothing can be said about the Pokemon animations, but the Human and environment animations are some of the worst I've seen ever! Todd, the main character, does not have a true identity and cannot move in any way! You can see his polygons sticking out all over the place, and his hands are awfully square...but it doesn't don't see much of him anyway...Interesting to note that the game's frame rate is always on high levels and the classic fog effect that is present in almost every N64 game is not there. A vast improvement indeed.

Music and Sound: 3 out of 5

The music is made up of catchy tunes and rhythmic melodies. It's catchy, but as of quality it lacks something that makes this game's musical performance valid. The quality of the musical scores is equal to a regular SNES game, and I think that Final Fantasy 3 has better music than this! Music left aside, the sound effects are actually pretty good. Being Todd so close to nature, you'll hear birds screeching and leaves moving by action of the wind etc... You can even hear some of the Pokemon's voices throughout the game. Nothing special, but it contributes to the cartoony and happy-go-lucky disposition of the game.

Game Challenge: 1 out of 5

Come on! It's a Pokemon Photography game! You can't expect to find bosses or enemies that block your path or traps at every step because there simply aren't any. In fact, in this game you can never lose! Of course, you can try and retry a course various times to photograph all the Pokemon, but it seriously won't take much time or effort for that matter. Definitely the weakest part of the game.

Game Play-Fun: 3 out of 5

The gameplay is what makes this game unusual. This not an adventure, action, sport, RPG, or driving game. This is a photography game! Might sound like a new genre, but it's definitely a photography game. You go around taking pictures of Pokemon that are present in various areas on Pokemon Island. Depending on the pose you photograph the critter in, The Professor will give you a score at the end of the course, determining your success or failure. This is one of the few games left that still base the advancing in the game by points and not by anything else. Oak gives you a score for each picture, and he also tells you how many pictures or how many species you need to advance to the next course. You are obligated to replay some of the courses after you gain particular items to wake up a particular Pokemon or to catch some other shots. Very fun, but to a limit.


No frustration at all. The game is too short and easy to have frustration in it.

Replayability: 2 out of 5

The game is terribly short, maybe the shortest game in video game history! You can easily beat this game in 30 minutes or less with no hidden features to unlock! After the first time through, it's hard you'll replay the game, if not to totalize some great high score, but nothing special...

Game Value: 1 out of 5

This game is not worth its price. I mean, I wouldn't pay 50 bucks for a game that lasts only 30 minutes with no replay value! If you find it second hand under 20 dollars, then maybe the deal is a little bit more convenient. I got it 10 dollars from my local Blockbuster.

Overall: 6.8 out of 10

A nice diversion fro other bland games, unique in the spot, fun to a limit. Too short and easy to be a real game, maybe kids should give it a look. This was just a lame excuse for Nintendo to use the Pokemon license to won't catch older gamers though.

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