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Pokemon Snap

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Reviewed by Phillip and Raichu Pokemon Snap, the first game out for Nintendo 64 in America. It is a great game if you like Pokemon, but if you don't, you'll hate it. Basically what you do is take pictures of Pokemon. But you don't walk around, you drive around in a car-type thing called the Zero-One. You go on a beach, in an abandoned power plant, and even in an active volcano! But that's not all. You also go on a river (yes, the Zero-One can float), fly in a cave (it can also fly! Yay!), and once again float down a river, which has many rapids. The first one doesn't. There is also a secret course, which I'm not talking about at all. You play as Todd, the photographer who loves to take pictures of Pokemon. I will explain the pros and cons throughout the review.

Graphics 9 out of 10

The graphics can be summed up in one word: fantastic. I was amazed when I first turned it on and saw Todd walking through a forest trying to photograph a rare Pokemon. The graphics, in my opinion, are as good, if not better than Super Mario 64 or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I happen to own them, too. Sorry Mario and Zelda lovers, the graphics in Snap are better, at least I think. But something this good has to have problems. First off, the graphics to get choppy a little when you look up close. Sometimes, very rarely, they skip (by that I mean something not being connected that's supposed to be). But I have had it for two days, and I have not seen any glitches. Good work, guys.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

When you first play it, there aren't many sounds.But when you really start playing, you hear a lot more. For instance, when I tossed a Pester Ball at Pikachu's head, I heard, "Chaaa". Do the same to Meowth and he goes, "Meowth", but slowly, and then collapses. The sound can really be great at times. The only reasons I made it an 8 is the start of the game. It doesn't have a whole lot of sound, so that's why I made it an 8. Another is the music at some places. It is quiet! At the Beach, I heard enough, but at the Power Plant I heard almost no music! If they would have fixed up this little problem with music in smoke areas, it would be great. But the sound and music are basically flawless.

Game Challenge 5 out of 10

TOO EASY!!! I think this game is too easy! There care only six courses, seven if you get the secret one. But Nintendo could have made it more challenging. I already beat it! In two days! Do not get a strategy guide for this game. It's a waste of good money! You do not need it at all. If you want a strategy guide, hey, I'm not stopping. I just think it is a waste. But it can be challenging to find every Pokemon on the island. The only two problems I had were the secret course, and getting every Pokemon. I still haven't gotten every Pokemon. That can be challenging. But I did get the secret course. But that wasn't very challenging. I'll say the name of the secret course at the very end of the review. I'm tired of typing secret course.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

The game is still fun, even after you beat it (which isn't very hard). You can keep snapping pictures even after you get the secret, Pokemon (I'm am NOT saying the name of this Pokemon). What I thought was really fun was at the Volcano. I through a ball at the Charmeleon, and it fell in a lava pit!I thought it was dead, but it doesn't die, it evolves into the fire-breathing dragon, Charizard!It then spit fire near me, so I snapped a picture. It was awesome! I also liked the way the ghost Pokemon are in gas balls. If you photograph them, when you look at the picture, It shows the ghost (usually a Haunter). It get's a little less fun when you beat it, but not much.

Replayability 8 out of 10

It's fun to go back and keep snapping pictures.Sometimes the Pokemon do really neat things, like flips and thunder shocks. It does get more boring when you beat it, but it's so easy, you can erase your file and start again! Believe me, you will probably play this many, many times. It's replayability is one of the best I've ever seen.

Overall 8 out of 10

Colcluding, if you like like Pokemon, buy this game.It is really awesome. For those of you who hate Pokemon, stay away. Just stay away. I wouldn't want to hear some stupid remarks from someone who doesn't like Pokemon. If you love Pokemon as much as I do, odds are you'll love it too. The great graphics, the good sound and music make a great game. It is also very fun. I can't wait for Pokemon Stadium to come out. I think that will much better than Pokemon Snap. But for now, I'm fine, along with many other people. If you like Pokemon, just get this. If you don't, don't get this. The great statistics make for an incredible game. Okay, I didn't forget. The name of the hidden course is Rainbow Cloud. There, I said it. Now get off your computer and get this game (if you have a Nintendo 64 and like Pokemon).

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