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Pokemon Snap

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Reviewed by The newest game out there. There was not another game like it ever made in gaming history! The point of the game is to catch all the Pokemon on film. There are a total of six level in the hole game. But the levels are kind long so don't thing you are just going to start the game and finish a half hour later. You try to center, get close to it and try to have more then one in the picture at a time. And if you have all of that you will get a high score for one picture. And you get a roll of film (it has sixty pictures on it), a camera, and you get other thing as you go along. Like the pokaflute, Pokemon food, and pester balls. In the game you will be able to see the Pokemon fight and evolve right before your eye. And if you put your Pokemon on to a memory pack take it to BlockBuster Video and you will be able to print out sticker in 3-D of your best and favorite. And if you have a DexDrive you will be able to trade your Pokemon picture over the internet. It is only a one player game and no exp. pak but you will need a memory pak. Sound: The sound in the game (like all Pokemon games) is OK. It is clear in all but it just isn't music that we like. I think if anything in the game could be better it would have to be the sound. But you will hear the Pokemon talk to each other and like wild bird sounds and bubuling sound in the lava starge. I give the sound a 6.6 out of ten Control: Control is really good. I think that a think you need a game would be control. You can look around the Zero-One using the C- button. To use Pokemon food or any other items you use A and B. To take a picture you use the Z button. The D-Pad is use as the joy stick. The joy stick will move the camera not your body. I would give the control a 8.7 out of ten.

Overall 9.7 out of 10

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