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Pokemon Snap

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Reviewed by Bryan (BrYgUy) Schollenberger If you are a fan of Pokemon, You probably already are waiting in line for this game but for you non-Pokemon fans out there, I better persuade you. If you are wondering how a game where you merely shoot pictures can be fun, you MUST try this! In this game, no two shots are alike! Now come with me if you will, and plunge deeper yet into the vast world of POKEMON!!

Graphics 95 out of 100

These graphics are awesome! Whether you are traveling in the lush grasses and sands of the beach or the dark spooky caves, the graphics will never cease to amaze you. The special moves of the Pokemon are shown spectacularly in this fantastic game.

Music and Sound 94 out of 100

Did you hear that? That was the awesome music and sounds of the Pokemon environment! Whether you are listening for that Pokemon in the brush, or you are listening to the constant dripping of water in the caverns, this is the kind of music you'd just want to kick back and listen to.

Game Challenge 90 out of 100

Sure you can shoot all the Pokemon no problem! But exactly how good of shots were they? This game isn't just about capturing the wild Pokemon on film. It's about shooting them in a natural pose or doing an attack or special ability. You must learn to shoot the Pokemon in the center of the camera. You have to get closer or back away some. You have to try to get more than one Pokemon in the shot. And when you get more tools, you can come back and try something new. This game isn't the hardest in the world, but how do you size up?

Game Play-Fun 92 out of 100

Fun? Fun? Man fun is for baseball and soccer! This is way past fun! Imagine yourself in a Pokemon island, shooting Pokemon with your trusty 8mm, trying to get Prof. Oak the pictures he needs for his Pokemon report. Will doesn't sound that fun but wait till you try it!

Rumble Pak 39 out of 100

The rumble pak doesn't add to much too the game unfortunately. It will shake if you throw food, if a Pokemon crashes into you, or if they attack you. I'd say it really could be better used but Hey! This is a photography game what did you expect?!


This game may get frustrating if you just can't get that picture. The main key is too just keep trying.

Replayability 90 out of 100

This game will always present a new challenge to you after you get all the Pokemon. Since you'll always get a different amount of points you can always top your last score. Also you can try to get more special poses or special tricks on your film.

Game Value 87 out of 100

I think that $60.00 is a reasonable price for such an awesome game. If it was a penny more I'd probably not be so sure. I mean a great game, great graphics and sound, a high replay value, all spells GREAT FUN for you and your friends and all for the low price of $60!

Overall 97 out of 100

So Overall I'm saying that this game has Awesome graphics, Awesome music and sound, Awesome gameplay, and an Awesome replay value. What more do you want? If I were you I'd be jumping out the door for this game now. Save up the money or start working. Whatever you are doing for it, get it now!

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