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Perfect Dark

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Reviewed by Will Wright If you're looking for a great first person shoot-em-up game then look no further. Perfect Dark is probably the best one you can, and will find. With awesome graphics and sound you'll feel like your in the game itself. The blood looks so real and the swears are so clear that you hold in your breath so a passing enemy doesn't hear you and you wet your pants in a huge fire fight. It's completely addictive.

Graphics: 99 out of 100

The graphics are so unbelievably real that when an enemy gets shot through the head you see a blood splat against the wall. Then when he/she falls to the floor even more blood gushes out. Everything in the surrounding area is so realistic. For example if you shoot metal the bullet hole looks like you shot metal and if you soot wood the bullet hole looks like you shot wood. (P.S. you know how the bodies in Goldeneye disappeared ten seconds after you killed the guy well, in Perfect Dark the bodies stay for about ten minutes.)

Music and Sound: 100 out of 100

The Music and sound is so extremely clear you sometimes want swear right back at the game for calling you a **BEEP**. I have never heard that quality sound from a video game before. You can hear your self walking the crackling energy from the energy beams. You can hear the computers working a sipers rifle, you can even hear the elevator going up and down. It's just a great experience overall.

Game Challenge: 100 out of 100

Perfect Dark offers tons of challenge but people that get frustrated easily shouldn't let the challenge get in the way of having fun. For example instead of trying to get past the first mission in single player you could get your friend to help you in co-operative. In the solo-missions there are three levels of difficulty Agent (super easy) Special agent (More than a casual gamer can handle), and perfect agent.

Game Play-Fun: 100 out of 100

Perfect Dark is not just a great game in single player you'll have one heck of a time in multi player even if your playing alone. In multi player there are cpu controlled characters (I'm not going to get into that right now the first wave for my perfect dark tournament will come in less than fifteen minutes). Any way you will have hours (maybe even days) straight of enjoyments. The scenarios include King of the hill, pop a cap, hold the brief case and your out and out bloody combat.

Overall: 100 out of 100

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