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Perfect Dark

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Reviewed by Robbie Huxley In case you haven't heard or your just a little dumd there is a great new Game on the market. Perfect Dark. This games is a mixture of James Bond, Half Life and any other really good game. it involves you, Joanna Dark, as a secret agent. Your missin is to destroy Data Dyne, a evil company and save the world. Sound Boring??? WRONG!!! this game would, sorry, is the best game probably to ever be realeased on the Nintendo 64. The options are unlimited, Co-Op mode where 2 players work together, Counter-Op mode where two players are playing but one is a baddie, Combat Simulator, where 4 friends can play with up to 8, yes 8 simulants. You evan have a traing ground where you can go free.

Graphics: 10 out of 10

The graphics on this game are good. Very good. The detail is great and the animation with a expansion hardly slows a bit like in Goldeneye. You can run through smoke without waiting for the frames. The thing with this game is that you need, I say need a expansion pack to play 100% of it other wise you are stuck with 30% of playing. As I said, the graphics are really good.

Music and Sound: 10 out of 10

The music on this game is unbelievable, it has the right atmosphere to it making sure you have the perfect gaming experince of your lives. The music changes at the end of a song instead of playing repeadatly like some games. There are quite a number of tunes and the never get boring. Some long, some short, but just Perfect.

Game Challenge: 10 out of 10

There is quite a bit of game challenge even for the greatest gamers there is challenge. It is made so that you have the challenge set to your level, and when you have finnaly finished the game you will!!! be a better gamer and you can take on your friends and just show them how good you are. the solo's are quite difficult and the challenges for 1-4 players also are quite difficult.

Game Play-Fun: 101 out of 100

This game has the funnest gameplay of all time. Anyone(evan your Grandad) would enjoy this. It is unblevieable that a game this good could be made. The fun in it deserves 101 out of a 100 because, as I said it is just perfect.


Frustration, what frustration. This game is Perfect. Notive the name. Perfect Dark and as I said this game is perfict!!!!!!!!

Overall: 101 out of 100

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