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Perfect Dark

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Reviewed by Frank Martinez Goldeneye was an excellent game that revolutionized multi player game play on the gaming consoles. Man people bought the game just for the multi player because it was fun. Many people thought that no game on the consoles could beat Goldeneye and its wonderful multi player mode, but Perfect Dark sure beats the heck out of it in single and multi player. You play the role of Joanna Dark, a beautiful and smart woman who is an agent of the Carrington institute. She goes by the codename "Perfect Dark" because she had the highest training scores ever recorded in the institute, beating another agent name Jonathan's scores, who held the previous record. The plot goes that a notorious company name dataDyne is working with a scaly alien race called the Skedar to raise a Cetan ship underwater and fly it so they can eliminate the human race and another alien race, the Maians, who are gray and have big heads. As you beat the missions, the plot deepens and becomes more involving from the first mission which you infiltrate the dataDyne building, and the last which you go on the Skedar home planet to destroy the Skedar King who in the game, is a man named Mr. Blonde. You will eventually learn about and meet many new people throughout the game. There are 17 total missions plus 4 bonus missions to keep you in suspense, but the real deal is the excellent, 100x better than Goldeneye's multi player mode. With 16 total arenas to play in and 6 modes of play including capture the case and king of the hill, and tons and tons of weapons to kill your friends with, it's absolutely wonderful. But that's not even half, Rare gives you so customization that you can create your own scenarios by choosing the weapons in the arena, (up to six) and now the very first any console game, stimulants. Stimulants are computer controlled "bots" who you can play with or against. You can also have a stimulant as your partner in co-op mode. There are 18 types of stimulants you can play with including vengesim who takes revenge on anybody who kills him or shoots him, judgesim who goes after the current leader, peacesim who goes around the level collecting guns and many more. There are also normal types like normalsim and the dreaded darksim. The good thing about multi player is that you have a type of mode called the challenges which you can play by yourself or with friend(s). You can just play the multi player mode and not even touch the 1 player mode and still unlock everything. Graphics: Most people think that Nintendo 64's graphic's suck and don't look good but for Perfect Dark, you can't say that and if you do, you are a crazy person who must be dumb. The graphics are totally beautiful. Detailed to perfection with beautiful real-time lighting effects and action packed cinemas. The enemies faces are very realistic and I love when the blood splats on the wall and the enemy corpses still on the floor with bullet holes in them. It's just beautiful. The guns are really cool and look wonderful. I like the little bullet caps coming out of the game when you shoot it and the light of the gun when it's firing. Also the explosions look really realistic and wonderful. While playing multi player with 4 people and 8 stimulants or co-op the frame rate tends to slow down but who really gives a hoot. That doesn't mess up the perfect everything of Perfect Dark. Overall I would say that Perfect Dark has some of the best graphics has some of the best the Nintendo 64 has to offer. Control: The control in the game is smooth and easy to learn, but hard to get used to. The control has improved dramatically from Goldeneye such as you will automatically look down when you go down a ramp, auto-aim, and very smooth running. You also have a secondary function which each gun which you an switch to by pressing and holding down B for about 2 seconds. You switch your guns with A and shoot with Z. Just some basic controls easy to learn. Overall the control is wonderful. Sound: Usually Nintendo 64 games don't have good sound, but Perfect Dark has some of the best sound I have ever heard. The music is creepy and suitable for each mission from those stealthy, scary missions to those totally shooting missions. But the sound effects are amazingly perfect. From the little comments made by the guards to the metal sound made by Joanna's footsteps on a metal ramp. The game is packed with a lot of voice especially during the cinemas and you will hear some during the missions like from the guards or from Mr. Carrington or Joanna. The gun sounds are really cool and match each gun to the max. You have your pistols and your machine guns and your explosive guns which they all sound wonderful especially the explosions and the moans and groans of the guards when you shoot them. Everything about the sound is wonderful and just tip top. Game play and Replay Value: Perfect Dark is just the perfect shooter with it's many modes of play. The game play is absolutely perfect. You have your wonderful mulitplayer mode with many guns and huge arenas and the great stimulants. You have your excellent solo player mode and the co-op mode and the revolutionary counter-op mode which one player is Joanna and tries to complete her objectives while the other player is a bad guy which tries to stop Joanna anyway he/she can. This adds tons and tons to the replay value of the game and the mulitplayer adds infinite amount of replay value to the game. You also can train at the Carrington institute and play the shooting range thing where you can use the guns in the shooting range for practice. Not to mention the multi player challenges and endless scenarios you can create. You also have your 3 different difficulties just like in Goldeneye which each has more objectives and the AI gets smarter. You also in some missions will start somewhere else. The difficulties add much replay value because agent which is the easiest will take a short time to beat but Perfect Agent might take you an eternity to beat and if you beat it on Perfect Agent, go ahead brag. And of course you have your cheats which like in Goldeneye you have to earn by completing missions in a certain amount of time on a certain difficulty. The game play and replay value are just amazing and endless. Bottom line: Perfect Dark is the best FPS ever to hit the Nintendo 64. I totally reccomend this game to everyone. Everything about the game is wonderful. Everything. Even though the price is steep still buy it or rent it or just freakin' play it. GO NOW because this game is perfect and leaves other games in the dark. Most games like these are very RARE indeed!

Graphics: 10/10 Sound: 10/10 Control: 10/10 Game play/Replay Value: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

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