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NFL Quarterback Club 98

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Reviewed by As most of you know, 2 football games have been released: QB club and Madden 64. I've played both of them, and over all, I like QB club better. Although Madden has more plays and better control/gameplay, QB club is better over all. The main difference you'll notice is the graphics. Yes, QB club has much better graphics. See below for more info. If you have any comments, E-Mail me and I'll get back to you (no, this is not an answering machine. . .) Let's take at look at the um, brief, details. The graphics are one of a kind. This game is the first video game to utilize the high-resolution mode. This makes the game's graphics much, much better, and makes them smoother. The reason they don't do this much is because it causes lots of polygon and graphics glitches, and it just couldn't work for a game like Mario, or GoldenEye. Well, it could happen, but it would take a lot of work. The players are so smooth and look great (No, I'm not gay; I'm talking about the graphics here) But, I like the animations on Madden better: like when you dive, or tackle someone. And after you get a touchdown, the animation is great, but in QB club, the animation sucks. One other thing I hated about QB club is that you can't move around after the play. I liked kicking guys butts on Madden. The sound is well, empty. There's no music, and Marv Albert's play by play is so boring! It's a good thing he wasn't repetitive like on Wayne Gretzky's hockey. . . In my opinion, the music in the menus was dumb, it had a very dumb beat to it. Like most sports games have. But, who needs music during the game when you can hear all the tackles being made! I like the control for Madden better than this, but this is adequate. The only thing I didn't like was pressing Z to snap the ball. I think Madden runs smoother too. But in QB club, you can actually make running plays! Running plays in Madden are next to useless. The instant replay in both games are excellent! You can position the camera any where, zoom in, zoom out, go fast, go slow, go up, go down, and more! You're most likely thinking why I like QB club better when I'm saying Madden is better in most of the other categories? Well, I think QB club feels better. It has more options, and they are easier to use. And the gameplay isn't that much better in Madden anyway.

+ Plus: Awesomely cool graphics, excellent instant replay! - Minus: Not so great sound, could have been a little smoother, and let you cream guys after the play! = Equals: I'd like to call it the best football game on the N64!

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