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NFL Quarterback Club '98

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Reviewed by MrStarwar This review is just going to basically run through a few basic categories and give you an overall rating of the game. All right enough talk let's get down to the gritty facts!


The graphics in this game are superb! Acclaim really put a lot of effort into making this look like the real grid-iron. From arm wrap tackles to spectacular replays this game takes you there and back with stunning crisp graphics. There is however a down-fall to the graphics. The brightness in the game is very weak. Meaning that there seems to be no sun at all in the game. It looks like you are playing in a dome all the time. The pictures on the back of the box you will never see any kind of brightness like that in the game. It's always dark, but other than that the graphics are great!

Play Control: 92% A-

This game has nice play control. It's controller setup takes time to get used to and that's the only thing that is the downfall. Other than that Acclaim makes a great effort and touchdown for making exceptional use of the analog stick! It's amazing how many different moves you can do. Practically every button available is used.

Realism: 98% A+

This game is as real as you could possibly get to the real pro football grid-iron action! You have the jukes, the spins, the hops, the up and over dive, the pump fake, and so much more! The game is very much like the real thing in it's running game. You can not easily make a really long run of over 15 yards without actually making a superb effort! Most runs are on average of about 3-7 yards much like that of real runs. The passing game is also very much like the real thing, after you have touched the ball defenders can hit you immediately and cause you to drop it for an incomplete pass! It's really exceptionally like the real thing! This game comes the closer to the real thing than any other football game I know even Madden 64 can't come close! Not to mention that QBC has the NFL license and NFLPA, which Madden does not, so that also adds to the realism!

Speed (frame rate): 88% B

The speed of this game is pretty good, it's only a tad slower than it's opponent Madden but in a nutshell it's maybe only a very very little difference. This should not effect gameplay at all! I myself like the speed just fine. Let's just say Madden is a 220 MHz and QBC is 200 MHz...MMX!

Replay Value: 95% A

This game is good enough for me to want to play again and again. It's exceptional array of options, and rewards for completing simulations keeps me coming back for more. Not to mention my season! The game basically has great replay value but not as much as let's say Goldeneye. Goldeneye is a great game and out does QBC in replay value by a slim margin.

Concept and Creativity: 99% A+

Acclaim has outdone themselves with Iguna once again! As you can plainly see this is the first 480x600 screen resolution which adds for high res graphics! The simulation was an original idea from the very first QBC implemented here. Create-a-cam is a new feature in this game which allows you to make your very own camera view! Blimp Cam also a new camera mode featured here! And so many more things that I shall not mention here!

Overall Rating: 96-98 % A+

All right you have the stats above so only two words left to say in this category: Great Game!! Final Words: Hey this is my last words no grade please! All right I am just saying here that I think that QBC 98 is a great game with few drawbacks. It's a lot of fun to play, and the 4 player mode rocks! There are many codes in this game which are starting to be revealed. I say go buy it if you want the most realistic fun football game this season! But remember always rent before you buy because if you don't the game might not be fly!

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