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NFL Quarterback Club '98

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Reviewed by Kamran Khan Whoah! Ever since I bought Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64, no game after it has had my eyes boggled into the realistic colorful 3-D graphics. I thought the only game to do so, would be a Miyamoto game, like Zelda 64, boy, has Iguana turned some heads! It seems that 3rd party games don't the full concept of making 3D games for a cartridge based system like 1st party does. The only people to mimic a portrayal of beautiful 3D graphics on N64 seem to be Rare. And now, I shall put Iguana in the "Quality Making Developers" list. Think about it, Turok was a game with incredible graphics, theme (blood, blood, and more blood), and fun factor compared to its competitor Doom 64. Here comes Next Generation 640 * 480 resolution technology that makes even the best graphical arcade games look like a pile of junk. I've never seen such fluid animation. Some may have talked about the fact that Quarterback Club was going to have slow animation to it's high resolution, not at all. It's one of the few games that's beautiful in picture and in motion. The SGI renderings that we saw of this game are 99% identical to the actual game in motion. Each character from the actual NFL (unlike Madden) has their own prospective in the game. People say Madden has more liquid AI, however me nor my friends think that is so. If you look at Quarterback and Madden in any way, QB kills it, whether it be sound, graphics, control (which is almost the same), and fun factor, which is much better on QB because of the real NFL teams, better weather effects, and better animations. The amount of speech is great in both QB and Madden, however more clearer in QB Club, by the way, that's Marv Albert. Rumble Pak support is also stronger in QB than in Madden, but it only does it when you tackle, or are tackled against, and it does during the passing game as well. If it's a football game you want, from taking my advice, QB is clearly better than Madden '98, Madden 64, GameDay '98, and proves to N64 owners, who have started to regret buying an N64 due to delays and non-quality games, (whether they like or dislike football) how beautiful and extraordinary it really is. 10/10.

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