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NFL Blitz 2000

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Reviewed by Andy Koperski This is an awesome football game it is a mix of football and wrestling. It's quite a fun game to play with friends. This game doesn't have many plays but the ones they have are pretty good. I love this game it is so awesome. After a play you can body slam your opponent or something else crude and harsh. This game is kind of hard but once you get the hang of the controls and you know the computer weakness you could win.

Game Play

This game has great game play once you learn all the moves to the game. It's pretty easy to learn all the moves. The controls feel responsive and active. They don't drag or sputter. It's pretty easy to control your guy. When you go to jump the players will jump like 5 yards its amazing. This game has awesome game play and that's all I got to say!


In this game the players will make all kinds of remarks. Very funny ones too. The game sounds great and the music is well detailed as well as the sound. The developers did a great job on the sound and music.


The graphics are pretty good for the Nintendo 64. The players are well detailed as well as everything else this game has to offer. The teams are good looking as well as the stadiums. The guys are huge looking they look like monsters. The football even looks like it 5 feet long.


The game is fun to play with a friend. It may not be fun for long though. Its great when you play with a friend that's the only thing that's fun about this game.

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