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NBA In The Zone '98

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Reviewed by Chris Hagler This particular game is the newest in the "in the zone" series....In The Zone '98. Long awaited due to roster changes and new players in the NBA, this game puts realistic play, with good sound and good options together for an extremely pleasing playing experience.

Graphics 7 out of 10

Graphics were well done, as far as motion, background, and scrolling...the only thing lacking is the players' differential. For example, Chris Mullin looked almost exactly like Jeff Hornacek..knowing the difference in appearance...(especially hair color) it made it odd. Also, jumping was slightly choppy.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

The sounds were VERY well done on this game...the squeak of shoes on the floor...the echo of the dribble in a large stadium. All of these were exceptionally done. The random organ music was a nice touch. As for the announcer...very well done, he is not completely monotone, like some other announcers on other games..and his dialogue changes enough to keep him from getting tiresome. Sound is an outstanding feature on this game.

Game Challenge 4-8 out of 10

The reason for the unspecific rating is this... if you create your own players, the game can get too easy if you overdo them...otherwise,on the original rosters, you can get plenty of challenge. It is realistic in the computer team doesn't make every short shot..nor do they lie down for the player, either. Dunks can be missed, but they can also surprise you with the clutch play. Realistic for the serious fan.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

My rating is one of a serious fan..if one can imagine the game being played, as Karl Malone hits a jumper over Dennis Rodman..a person like me can really get a lot of serious fun out of this game..The realistic play makes it easy to imagine..unlike games like Hangtime (where the player can jump 30 feet in the air, do a somersault and dunk.). Even a novice basketball fan an enjoy this game however, if they like the challenge of taking a team through a season, or through a championship game.


Only two frustrations in the previously mentioned, when directing traffic, you might not know who you're passing to, the other is that there are a couple flaws in shooting is possible for someone to make a basket from exceptionally odd angles under the well as hitting the backboard from the side on occasion.

Replayability 6 out of 10

If you're a serious fan, you'll enjoy taking different teams through the season on this game...otherwise....doing it all over again just doesn't hold water for some people. Playing with the rosters and mixing it up makes it more interesting the second time around..but the gameplay remains similar no matter what you may do. Depends on the type of fan you are.

Game Value 7 out of 10

You can't really beat this game for a good NBA is unparalleled in realism, however...the replayability makes me suggest that you try renting it to make sure you want to shell out bucks for a game you might only play for one season's length. As with any sports game, if you get skilled with it, it can grow monotonous. However, if you like changing things, like putting Rik Smits on the Spurs, or switching John Stockton for Grant Hill, then by all it for the best NBA game out there.

Overall 8 out of 10

To the hardcore fan: BUY IT...PLAY IT ENJOY'll never regret's a wonderful NBA game, and you'll enjoy it, you'll also catch yourself trying to force other people to play it, whether they like basketball or even Nintendo or not. To the Rest of you: Try it out, the sound, gameplay, options, and overall fun may surprise you and provide you with a game you can certainly enjoy and get into.

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