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NBA Hangtime

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Reviewed by Brian Taylor NBA Hangtime is the first basketball game to be ported to the N64. Overall, it succeeds at what it tries to do, but it will not appeal to everyone. In case you've never played the arcade smash hit, NBA Hangtime features all 29 of the NBA teams. You choose from limited rosters from each team and you play a shortened game with unbelievable dunks, no fouls (except goaltending), which gives you an incredible arcade experience. The N64 version is virtually identical to the arcade, which is a plus on its own. This review is divided up into 5 categories for simplicity. Each category will be multiplied by 2 and the total score will be out of a hundred points.

Graphics - 8.5

Pretty decent player sprites and animation. However, the graphics are not mind boggling and there is some slowdown. Overall, a very good port from the arcade. The graphics are solid if not spectacular.

Sound - 9

An excellent job by the team at Midway. One of the major faults in past versions of NBA Jam was the failure to recreate the brilliant arcade sound. The N64 version provides clear speech and kickin' original music. These tracks will be easily remembered and are a good complement to the game. The in-game sounds are pretty well done, although at times it can be hard to hear.

Control - 7.5

The game lacks a little bit here. The Control Stick isn't quite as responsive as you might like. However, you usually have no trouble doing what you want to do, so it isn't really that bad. There are several new moves and techniques that are fun to use, especially in multiplayer games.

Fun Factor - 8.5

One player mode is quite disappointing because of the cheap computer AI. It will always find a way to catch up with you and you will find yourself chucking up 3's just to get ahead. In that respect the fun factor takes a severe hit. However, the multiplayer modes more than make up for that, especially if you have 4 players on hand. Get ready to rumble! When there's no computer players, you can really have a great time with this game. Also, there are a wide assortment of fun codes for outrageous play and secret characters. Great fun!

Replay Value - 7.5

The multiplayer mode is really the only thing that will keep you coming back to this one. Since the single player mode isn't really all that fun, you won't be playing much after you beat all 29 NBA teams. However, in this game you can create your own player, which is a very nice feature. Even better, as you win games you can add new attribute points and spend them on various upgrades.

TOTAL SCORE - 82 / 100

Bottom line, if you loved NBA Hangtime in the arcades, you'll love the N64 version. If you love multiplayer sports games, you'll want to check this one out. If you enjoyed Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey and like basketball, this game could be for you. Otherwise, give it a rent before you buy. An overall good effort by Midway.

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