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NBA Hangtime

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Reviewed by Mark the Great Like basketball? Go for NBA Hangtime only if you really, REALLY enjoyed the arcade version. Perhaps this is because they changed absolutely nothing.

Graphics 9 out of 10

As I said in the introduction, the graphics are the same as the arcade version. Not that bad. The slam dunks and double dunks really add to the fun of the game, and the dribbling and other skills handle like a dream. Incredible passes, moves and shots compliment the graphics very well.

Music and Sound 6 out of 10

The music of this game is really out of place. It is like rap music without the vocals: very hallow. The music does very little to help out with the gameplay. The only good music you can possibly achieve is when you get a team fire, which is impossible altogether. If you do manage this feat, though, the music lasts twenty-five seconds. As for the sound, as the voice of Neil Funk, the Chicago Bulls announcer, is really not that bad. His cool comments when you do something well are unique and invigorating, but he can slam you when you screw up. My advice is to turn sound off while playing, and listen to Funk.

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

The challenge of Hang Time is very out of proportion. There are three main areas to it. The first is just playing alone. No matter what team you play as, I could not even the Grizzlies until about the tenth time. The second one is creating a player. With his or her unique abilities, which no other regular player has, they can dominate the whole game, doing whatever you want them to do, and usually succeeding. And the kicker is, the more games your guy wins, the stronger he becomes. And last but not least is playing with a non CPU opponent. With two of you, the computer expects logical computer moves, but you weigh the odds with unexpected moves. Think about it.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

For game fun, this game is out of this WORLD! You can go for points, pushing, trivia, or just about anything you can imagine. If you have a friend to play against or on their team, you can double the fun by going for anything you want- and probably achieving it. Another major point for game fun is cheats. These game cheats enable you to do lots, while having to do nothing to get them. In this sense, you can customize your games.


The key points to frustration on NBA Hangtime are very little, but very effective. The first is that there is nothing changed with the game from the arcade version, except for the create players menu. Another one is the difficulty. If you don't have a second controller or a memory card, winning is going to be very difficult. Be careful. And lastly, don't be surprised if your opponent makes a full court, three point shot to win the game with a second left.

Replayability 0 out of 10

Out of all the things that I do not recommend for this game, replaying it is the highest one. It is always the same opponents with the same moves on the same court (maybe not the court). However many guys you want to have, they always wind up in the same spot.

Game Value 6 out of 10

Unless you are really high on basketball, or really enjoy playing against or with your friends, I would not recommend buying this game, due to that you can play it at about every corner video arcade for about a dollar. If you do like basketball, though, buy this game. It gives you a good couple of months of playing before you get bored of it.

Overall 5.5 out of 10

If you love basketball, go play it outside! Other than that, buy this game if you are sort of desperate, or if you loved the arcade version. This game was not really made for just anybody to go pick it up, make sure you really want to by it before purchasing it.

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