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NBA Hangtime

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Reviewed by Casey Dillard First impression: Well, Midway is back with a new and improved NBA game. I figured it would be same old same old, nothing special. (ex. MK Trilogy & Crusin' USA). I must admit, I was wrong. This is much more than I expected... this game has it all! The only drawback is the required Controller Pak to save your customized character. Read my review below!

Graphics- 9/10

Huge players, huge heads, shining courts, shining parquet floors, crystal clear. Compared to the other Jam-Hangtime games from the other systems, this has the best graphics in my book. The fire is nice as well.

Sound- 10/10

I was surprised by the music! I didn't know a cartridge was capable of such clear speech and sound fx! My favorite is the "air ball" sound. I like the sounds better than the arcade version. Crashing plane sounds can be heard as you soar to the basket, along with the infamous "Tarzan" scream. It's great! Expect some rather jammin rap tunes at the half time intermission!

Control- 8/10

It takes a little getting used to, especially the analog stick. (What did you expect?) Good news though, you can configure the buttons to make you more comfortable. Soon you'll be jammin with the best of them. On the other hand, if you are one of those people who complain about the control being too difficult, look elsewhere. (Why did you get a N64 if you wanted easy control? Those two don't mix.)

Gameplay- 10/10

It's more fun than watching Shaq try to make free throws! Hidden characters, team fire, and best of all, 4 PLAYER MODE!!! You'll play this from dawn to dusk. You can create a player and save it to your memory pack and you're set for jam life. Many hours will be slammed away on this NBA favorite.

Replay Value- 10/10

Create a player, hidden characters, a hidden court on a skyscraper, tons of codes and extras to keep you busy. Plus this is Midway, so you know they have something up there sleeves. I even heard of possible MK characters being playable. Keep in mind, this is a rumor and for all I know, this could be true and maybe not. Who knows...

Overall- 9.6/10

Highly recommended for any NBA Jam or sports game fan! This one rocks the house!

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