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Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

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Reviewed by Gabe Jones Legend of the Mystical Ninja on the Super NES was one of my favorite action games. The funny looking characters, the huge bosses, and one of the best parts were all those sub games. I had a blast running through mazes, playing Gradius, Horse Racing, it was incredible. After Mystical, Ninja. two more games went through Japan. Finally America gets the Newest Game, and I have to say the wait was worth it, but I miss some things.

Graphics 9 out of 10

The Graphics will remind you of Mario 64 obviously, since it has the same 3D look, the characters are all well animated, plus their expression change when they get hit or they are attacking. There are a few problems though. the enemies just are not that good looking, They are undetailed and redundant, plus the camera is really hard to control, you will spend quite a bit of time moving the camera to the best angle, even then the graphics tend to get a little glitchy too. Oh Yeah the Boss Battles are awesome, they have a first person mode, and you can even pull off special attacks to beat the well detailed bosses.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The Music sounds a lot like Mystical Ninja except for the improved sound chip, the music is good enough on its own, but the sound effects are the best, they include the usual action sound effects, but then you hear a laughtrack during the cinematic, strange voices, and even an entire music video from the Goemon Impact weapon, which is a basic robot that looks like Goemon but carries a huge stick and rollerskates, the sound effects are hilarious, and well worth keeping the volume up.

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

Goemon is pretty easy, you can rush through the game pretty quickly with out much trouble, but the game can leave you stumped sometimes, and it is a lot of trouble to search all the towns to pick up clues. The Bosses are pretty tough and a good challenge. I think the Real Frustration comes from the Bonus areas where you try to get your special powers for each character.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

Its almost as fun as Mario 64, although you have less moves, there is more land to explore, and you get 4 characters to choose from. a small Robot that might be recognized from Mystical Ninja 2. A Female Ninja with cool sword attacks and the ability to turn into a mermaid, next is Ebisu who can shrink himself and is real good with a hammer. Plus Goemon himself who welds the cane and has the power to move across long gaps with the help of a chain cane (similar to Zelda's Hookshot) The Control Is sometimes tough, you have no long jump so it can be hard to get across long gaps, the camera angles will drive you crazy.


I became extremely Frustrated with Goemons Bonus round, in it you have to throw boxes to keep these weird looking guys from popping your balloon at the top of the screen. You cant see behind you so, the another guy can always come up and pop your balloon, It took me an hour to get through the 99 second round, Frustration at its worst. Other than that the only other frustration comes from getting lost in the story sometimes you will lose your place. And forget what you have to do next.

Replayability 7 out of 10

After you beat the game and collect all the cats, which give you more health, you gain a special boss mode, and its a good game to replay a lot, just be sure to save some files for getting past Goemons bonus round, That round is only good for a headache. But you will possibly replay this as much as Mario 64, even if you do get everything in the game.

Game Value 7 out of 10

Game Value, the game costs just under $60 so its a tough question. Goemon is a real good game, and you will not be disappointed if you buy it but if you have doubts then you can always just rent the game first, which is a very good idea.

Overall 8.5 out of 10

In Conclusion, at the least i will say I'm disappointed with Goemon mainly because there are no more Subgames, = ( but this is the Next Generation of Goemon and hopefully a sequel will come that offers a ton of improvements, including better enemy design, subgames, and improved camera control, But the game is easily one of the Funniest I have ever played. One last note you will need a memory pak to save games

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