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Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

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Reviewed by Jamie Schneider Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey JR is not as good as All Star Baseball '99, but has it's fair share of entertainment. Griffey's game is not as simulated as All Star Baseball '99 which some people find that's what automatically makes a game. Griffey has exciting play with high scoreing games and fantastic camera views. In comparing the three baseball games (Griffey, All Star Baseball '99, and Piazza) the edge would which would most likely go to All Star Baseball '99 because of the superior graphics which Griffey and Piazza do not have. One thing that lowers the quality of All Star Baseball '99 is the bugs that are in it which reduced it's over quality. Griffey is more of a fun time game than All Star Baseball '99 and Piazza and if you like that it is a game for you.

Graphics 6 out of 10

Graphics in the game are not great which comes short compared to All Star Baseball '99, but the animation in the game is great. To tell you the truth after more than three years in the making the folks at Nintendo and angel could smoothed out the graphics. After a while you really do not notice the graphics because of the animation and the outstanding camera views. The Stadiums in Griffey have a tremendous amount of more detail than All Star Baseball '99. That is where All Star Baseball '99 lacks in the graphics department. Griffey has fans cheering in the stands which you can pick out one by one when you are close to them. Even though the graphics aren't that great it really does not affect the gameplay.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The Sound is simply fantastic. The crowd is also cheering along and have smart reactions to play's. There are planes flying over the field while playing (I think that's pretty cool). Another interesting aspect is an ambulance roar past the stadium. The sound is very good and it surpasses All Star Baseball '99 and Piazza way past the charts. All Star Baseball '99 game sounds are not interesting at all. All they have is a little crowd talking and little or no reaction to big plays. Another little interesting thing in Griffey is when you go to places like Montreal there is hardly any crowd there. Which that would have crowd noise not as loud as other teams stadiums. The last thing about sound is the music has little interesting melodies to when a batter steps up to the plate. All in all the sound is the best out of the three games out of all three.

Game Challenge 4 out of 10

Griffey is not a very challenging game at all. You can have very high scoreing games (I beat Montreal 34-2 with St. Louis). This another aspect Nintendo and angel could just touched on, but it is because of the arcade part of the game so if you want to run up the score you can. The game challenge is very easy so if you want something more difficult get All Star Baseball '99 because Piazza is the same as Griffey.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

The Game Play can leave you playing for hours. One thing is the quickness of a game. It does not take three hours to play one game. You can get it done in about twenty minutes. The game pace is fast and furious. The hitting is always fun when you are the home team and you hit a home run and the fireworks go off that is always fun. Fielding is also great because you can make dive to catch a ball and jump the wall to take away a home run.


There is basically no frustration in the game (or it's just me). I feel that there is no frustration after if owned All Star Baseball '99 and had to return it three times and not have Acclaim ever respond to you then the frustration has been sucked right out.

Replayability 6 out of 10

Replayability is very high right now which you can have a lot fun playing with, but in a year are so you would want to probably move on to a better game. You can defiantly go out and play it day after day and not get tired of it but you would eventually.

Game Value 9 out of 10

This is most defiantly worth $50 dollars. One reason is the frustration with All Star Baseball '99 at $60 dollars and Piazz not getting the graphics and game play around $70-80 dollars. So I would say this game is worth the price.

Overall 8 out of 10

In Conclusion all I would like to say is that it is a good game and I feel the folk's at Nintendo and angel did a good job. Griffey's game for N64 is a lot better than the Super NES game so if liked that game you are in for a thrill.

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