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Mortal Kombat Trilogy

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Reviewed by So here it was. the "Mortal Kombat Trilogy" for the Nintendo 64... One of the first games to be released for the N64, many people expected a totally different game from the MK1 - MK3 Series... I always ask myself -Why- cause it the name actually says it all: MK-Trilogy means this is the game that includes all three previously released versions of Mortal Kombat so if you're a wise-guy you probably can't expect a 100% new game..... Anyway, here are the categories.


Okay. Let's face it: the programmers did NOT take everything you can out of the N64 that is correct. BUT: Compare the game-graphics to the arcade... Okay a little slowdown here and there which is of no significant importance to me-those are some flaws in the programming of the game; but the characters, the stages and the moves all look alike the arcade... so why complain here? I think the graphics are solid, not perfect, but above average... ***85%***


The Music of this game is a bit corky: it's not digitized of whatsoever. It just sounds unmusical; when your N64 is connected to your stereo you will heard how bad the music is... still there are different "songs" for stages and you might be able to feel comfortable with the music you get from this game when playing for some time... Sound-FX: not too bad; if you have played previous versions of the MK-Game you will notice that none of the sounds of the characters have changed... Nice screams (Liu Kang!!) and voices contribute to the "mortal atmosphere" ***70%***


Hmm... is there anybody out there who hasn't played any of the Mortal Kombat games yet? If not: you are chosen to participate in some kind of tournament to save earth; to achieve your goal you select one of 27 (!) characters to do battle with. There is a huge variety of characters: Ninjas, Ladies with 4 arms, some police-guy, Robots... this is really a neat part of the game because you have so many moves, fatalities and extra moves which motivate you to try out each and every one of the characters... you might soon find your very "own" character you most enjoy to play. The controls are easy to handle when you are playing for a while; you have high/low punches, high/low kicks, a block button and a run button. I would recommend you not to use the analog stick because this way the controls are much more difficult. When you beat your opponent you have like 5 seconds to perform a fatality move. When doing this your guy does a really mean move on your foe that most likely kills him (e.g. Scorpion "fries" the opponent with a flame out of his mouth). Some look cool, some look a bit poor but name a game that has like 4 ways to finish your opponent!!! ***90%***


Mortal Kombat Trilogy by Midway, in MY opinion, is a great game to have in your collection. Sure, some things might have been done a bit better by Midway. But if you're a Mortal Kombat freak you will get yourself a good game that has tons of characters, all the stages you know from MK1-MK3 with graphics just like the arcade has. At first I hesitated to buy this game but after I rented it I decided to buy it because of the gameplay no other beat-up game can beat... ***88%***

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