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Mission: Impossible

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Reviewed by Paul Hampered by many delays and a change in the development team, Mission: Impossible is finally released (Tuesday, July 21, 1998).

Graphics 7 out of 10

In some levels, Mission: Impossible graphics look dated, and more in the line of first-generation N64 games such as Shadows of the Empire. On the other hand, other levels like the Terminal Room or the Embassy will amaze you with its detail. Quick rundown: 1) Sometimes choppy framerates. 2) Sometimes blurring 3) Always slowly animated. 4) Excellent cut-scenes, which introduce each main level.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

Excellent music and good sound effects. Every person probably knows the theme by now, and that theme by Lalo Schifrin is blazoned through the entire game, albeit with some variation here and there. Quick Rundown: 1) Perfect spy music. 2) Each main level has an introduction with speech added. 3) Ethan Hunt, the main character for whom you control, occasionally speaks, often saying, "Rocksteady." 4) Gunshots sound like gunshots (e.g., silencers have a whooshing sound).

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

On the "Possible" difficulty, players should have no problems. However, frustration will set in. On the "Impossible" difficulty, players may run into some problems. What frustration the player had on "possible" will increase on "impossible." The frustration lies mainly in the poor jumping, dodging, and gun-firing schemes. Rundown: 1) Some easy and boring levels. 2) Some difficult levels due to poor control.

Game Play-Fun 7 out of 10

Three levels stand out as most fun--"The Embassy," "The Terminal Room," and "The London Train: Sniper." In these levels, the feeling of being a spy really do exist. Rundown: 1) Face-making is the most fun; Infogrames should have followed the initial development team in one aspect: allowing Ethan Hunt full freedom to change to any character in the game; this would add replay value, and give the game more interaction. 2) Mediocre and poor level design brings down the fun-level. 3) Linear and objective-orientated design is monotonous, causing players to do certain things over and over again. 4) Trial-and-error playing results in numerous "Mission: Failed" messages.

Rumble Pak 8 out of 10

By now, the sensation of the rumble pak has probably worn off, be it the cause of low battery life or over-playing. Same thing occurs here with Mission: Impossible. Most players will be indifferent to the rumbles of the controller.


High level of frustration, mostly because of poor controls. Rundown: 1) Jumps are hard to pull off. 2) Poor camera controls 3) Strictly objective-orientated. 4) Inconsistent controls: sometimes able to run and jump on some levels, and sometimes not. 5) Hard to run, duck, and shoot.

Replayability 1 out of 10

Aside from some terrific and original levels (see above), Mission: Impossible has next to no replay value. Unlike GoldenEye, MI has no time-based codes, or multi-player levels to unlock or achieve. Mission: Impossible levels play much the same way the second time around. Do this objective once, you'll end up doing that same exact objective again and again and again next time.

Game Value 5 out of 10

Goldeneye, Mission: Impossible is not. For $59.99 + Tax, this game is not worth it. Wait for Perfect Dark or Metal Gear Solid. Rundown: 1) Got tons o' money, need another N64 spy game: go ahead and buy. 2) Short on cash: rent and try; you'll probably "flip" the game by the weekend, anyhow; that is, if you're any good.

Overall 7 out of 10

Check "Game Value." Mission: Impossible is a decent game, maybe even above-average, but it's just *not* Goldeneye. Rundown: Should buy for: 1) Its third-person view, which, personally, I prefer over any first-person shooter. 2) Its face-making capabilities. Should not buy because: 1) High price. 2) High level of frustration. Keep your mind open. As long as you're not expecting a Goldeneye 3rd-person game, you'll be fine. This game has its moments. However, those moments are few in between. Great rent, Satisfactory Buy.

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