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Mission: Impossible

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Reviewed by Michael Watters I am actually a James Bond fan, but I mean Mission: Impossible is the only great new spy game out, and to tell you the truth I think it is one of the great spy games of all of Nintendo. Actually to tell you the real truth there were only 4 or 5 at most that I can truly remember. All the magazines and wed pages always compare Mission: Impossible with GoldenEye 64. But I think Mission: Impossible is a totally different spy/shooter game all it self.

Graphics 82 out of 100

Mission Impossible has nice graphics but there is a jagged- edge here or there. Also with the multiple views and the excellent morphing when using the facemaker (which is really cool) makes the game awesome. About the mutable views, there are at least 3 or 4 camera angels plus the accurate first-person aiming view.

Music and Sound 80 out of 100

The sound on Mission Impossible is good, but what defiantly made me boost the score up to 80 is the awesome theme to Mission: Impossible. Right when I hit the switch to my Nintendo 64 I hear that theme. The back-ground music is a nice touch to the levels, but once you are seriously into the game its like you cant hear the music, you are to evolved with beating the game.

Game Challenge 99 out of 100

For an average game player Mission: Impossible is quite hard. I am saying "average game player" because on a game playing scale from, 1 to 100 I would be at least 900! So I am way, way, way, way, above an average game player. I have already past the impossible part of the game. Oh, getting on to the difficulty levels there is possible (which is easy) and then there is impossible (which is hard). Possible is defiantly not impossible. Well of course it's not impossible that's why it is called possible.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

Absolutely the funniest game on the market. The objectives are awesome. You feel like you are a real spy. One of my favorite levels is defiantly the second one where you have to work undercover! And then on the last part of the second level you are dressed-up as a fire man, and you spray people with fire extinguishers! It is really cool. I would expect that every normal, gun happy, kid will love playing this totally fun game.

Rumble Pak 80 out of 100

The Rumble Pak is a nice touch to the gunfights in the game, but I think it's to heavy on the controller and does not vibrate hard enough. There is nothing wrong with the game or anything, it's the Rumble Pak itself. My opinion is that they (the people at Nintendo) should make a vibrating chair that hooks into the controller, which has a built-in seat belt because of the vibrating. That is my opinion instead of having the Rumble Pak. I don't real like the Rumble Pak, so I have nothing else to say about the Rumble Pak.


There is a lot of frustration in the game. Mostly because the levels are so long and like if I die right at the end of a level, I GETMAD!!! But I am a Nintendo master, so I never get to angry like the time I had to get a new controller, well because I kind of, sort of, maybe threw it against the wall. Hey but you don't know how tough thoughts little controllers are. It took me three good smacks against my cement wall for it to break open.

Game Value 100 out of 100

Every little teeny weeny little bit of Mission: Impossible is defiantly worth the price. I saved up for this game for at least three months, and boy it was worth every penny. Actually I don't even remember how much it was in the first place! But trust me, every one out there in Nintendo Land Mission: Impossible.

Durability 100 out of 100

WARNING Do Not Do Any Of The Below At Home WARNING Mission: Impossible has great durability. I always have a test to see if the game is strong enough to be one of my games. First I ride over the game with my bike, then I through it up in the air and let it land on the floor (the floor is wood) the last test is if it still works I keep it!

Overall A+

I agree it is the best game out, and I think most people will love it.

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