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Mission: Impossible

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Reviewed by Boba Fett Tm Another movie made into a game, a spy movie even. By just hearing about it it just sounds like a "Goldeneye" copy but it is far from a copy. You do have a large selection of weapons and gadgets to name some of them there is explosive gum, high powered pistol, rocket launcher, ect... but the game is truly one of a kind.

Graphics B+

The graphics are great. The people are really realistic and the rooms and scenes are so detailed. Unrealistically the people fade away after they die. the explosions are very realistic and makes you feel hot. All in all this games has some of the best I have seen.

Music and Sound B

The sound is good I like them using the music from the movie. In the party stage there is a piano player and the music blinds with the game music quite well. The closer you get the louder the piano music gets and when you kill him it stops that is the best stage for sound. All the other stages are just good background music.

Game Challenge B

The game is challenging the first time around when you don't know what to do are where everything is. After about the third time you find out where everything is and how to avoid trouble it starts wearing down. The gas stage is the hardest I have found because you die until you find the gas suit. I don't know how hard impossible is but possible is easy after the first time around.

Game Play-Fun A

The game is real fun the first time around and real exciting. You get to do things like being a sniper on the roof or running on top of a train. The train stage is not like "Goldeneye" it is a lot better there are people in the seats and there is just more to do.


This is the most frustrating game I have played. If you make one wrong move or go around a turn without looking you will get caught. They don't shoot at you till you die, they arrest you. I have been almost done with a stage and get caught. If you shoot the wrong person or don't shoot the right person, its game over. I have to stop playing sometimes because I feel like throwing it out the window.

Replayability D

After the first time it is boring. There is no two player mode or something like that to keep you busy. Maybe they will come out with codes that are fun to mess around with like "Goldeneye" I am still playing it. They have easy and hard that is it for replaying.

Game Value

Depends on what you like to me there is other things I could spend money but I don't regret buying it. But you might have more fun just renting it and using less money. It is fun and it will take more time then renting it to beat it but it starts to drop in fun after awhile.

Overall B

This game like many have its good and bad points. But overall it is a good game and if you buy it or not you have to play it. It is not a bond copy and I have never played a game like it. it is one of a kind.

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