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Mission: Impossible

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Reviewed by Brian Horton A great game for the N64. It could be possible for this game to overcome GoldenEye! Who knows with all the new games coming out! Remember: "Expect the IMPOSSIBLE!"

Graphics: 10 out of 10

Mission: Impossible has beautiful, smooth, graphics. It doesn't have as many glitches like in GoldenEye 007. Many gamers complained because of the problem of body parts going through doors, and walls, which in GoldenEye's multiplayer mode is very hazardous.

Music and Sound: 7 out of 10

Mission: Impossible has great sound, along with the Mission: Impossible theme to go along with the rest of the music. With the change of setting, the music changes to the right mood. Other than that, all you can say about the sound is "WOW! I can't wait for the sound track!"

Game Challenge: 9 out of 10

Mission: Impossible can be one of the most challenging games of Nintendo 64 to this date! With it's spying, trying to find different objects, and objectives changing in the middle of the Mission, this game shows to be very much different from GoldenEye 007, one of the top commuters. In Mission: Impossible, there is the jumping capability and in some parts of some levels, you have to time your jumps perfectly or you could land in ice cold water or even get run over by a truck! In Mission: Impossible, you don't just go out and shoot everyone in site. The problems with shooting everyone would be (1) Other baddies will come if they here your gun. (2) They will notice one of their own members is down and probably sound an alarm. (3) In this game, you MUST conserve ammo! It is a very big need. and (4) Some of the baddies you may need to talk to and they could be an objective. An example: In the first mission, you must assume the identity of a guard. You must use the facemaker, which does NOT work outside. You must get the guard in side, so you can accommodate his FACE! Confusing? In this game, it requires you to think, think, think! like in blues clues, you had better have a note book ready! You are in for a wild ride!

Game Play-Fun: 10 out of 10

With the movie-based missions, this game seems to have a high fun factor. The only problem being there is not multi-player, which turned out to be a great bummer. Another thing that increases the fun-factor is that in Mission: Impossible you can jump, one of the problems in GoldenEye 007. The weapons like the Uzi, and mimi-rocket launcher are cool. Along with the gadgets like the face-maker, and the laser-blocker, this game has some cool gadgets. The weapons are apart from GoldenEye 007 due to the fact that the names of weapons and guns in the game were fake. I mean come on! A gun named Klobb! What was with them? The guns and weapons in Mission: Impossible do have names, like their real life counter-parts. Although the facemaker may not be real, how would you know? The plans could be hidden in the basement if the CIA for all we know!

Rumble Pak: 7 out of 10

This rumble-pack-compatible-game has a unique way of rumbling! Which is a weird way of saying, It's great! With the jumping factor, you feel the rumble when you land, the recoil of the gun, and even some of the huge explosions! Of course, you know when you get hit. The best weapon I'd recommend getting hit by, would be the stunner. One of the scenes- where their is a cinema scene of Ethan escaping on a helicopter- is really neat because you can feel him getting his grip on the helicopter.


I'd say many of the levels are frustrating in Mission: Impossible. The Terminal room ranking the most frustrating. It broke my record of 20 snack brakes in 30min. It also broke the record of times dieing before I finished the level. I died at least 15 times! The more frustration, the harder the game is, which makes it harder to beat, which makes the game better.

Replayability: 10 out of 10

This game has a huge amount of replay value! My friends and I really think that the train station has the most replay value. With the sniper technique, it proved to be one of our favorite levels out of this game, next to the terminal room. In the train station, after we got good at it, we started shooting civilians and having contests on who could make the civilian scream louder, do the coolest flip, and even how many civilians he or she could kill before they failed the mission. In the terminal room we had fun seeing how loud a thud we could make after the alarm had sounded and a guard shot us down. We also snuck up behind the computer guy and locked the door from the inside so he couldn't get down. It was so much fun! I think this game has a great amount of replay value!

Game Value: 9 out of 10

If you liked what I said in my review, it's worth the price. But GoldenEye 007 lovers beware! This is not a shoot em' up game like GoldenEye! My suggestion is rent it before you buy it, so you know what you're getting!

Tips, Tricks, and codes: 8 out of 10

So far there are about 15 codes out on Mission: Impossible, but it is only about the 10th day it's out, and normally companies wait until it's a few months underway to give out most of the best codes like in GoldenEye 007. The codes so far are like big head, big feet, and different weapons with 30 rounds of ammo. There are also many Game Shark codes, which I dispize, but, of course, use.

Overall 99 out of 100

Mission: Impossible is the perfect spy game for many people. Even though with it's teen rating, it's a great game for children who can think and solve problems like " Since Dowey lost the wire cutters what should I do?" Of course, the answer is to find new wire-cutters. Another question is "how to get the driver to drive the truck to the Sub pen?" and the answer is to get an excuse for him like lets a letter, but that gets you thinking, "where is a letter?" This game may as well be the best game of the year for Nintendo, maybe tied, if not better than Banjo-Kazzoie. In other words: GET THE GAME. ITS PERFECT!

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