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Mischief Makers

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Reviewed by Stryker The game I'm reviewing today is the pitiful Mischief Makers. The 2-D game originally called Yuke Yuke Troublemakers is easy, does not use the analog control stick, and does not use the Nintendo 64's revolutionary technology anywhere near 100%. You are Marina, a robot servant to some professor who gets kidnapped by an evil empire. I'll butt in here and mention how this plot is disturbingly overused in gaming. Teaming up with a weird alien group called the Clancers to defeat the Empire and the leader's three henchmen (can you say "unoriginal" boys and girls?)

Graphics 4 out of 10

You can't expect much graphics from a 2-d game, but the sprites here are no better than on Super NES. The sidescrolling adventure makes use of cute enemies and backgrounds to try and classify itself as a "humor-driven" game like Yoshi's Story. But there's a difference. Yoshi is a Mario sidekick. Mario's been around since 1985 and his games are more accepted in the world. But Mischief Makers is a Japanese bomb. So, while you're comparing the weak sprites to the impressive polygon graphics of Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, or Conkers Quest 64, remember that Mischief Makers is on a 64-bit system that doesn't need 2-d games getting it a bad rap.

Music and Sound 3 out of 10

Again, Mischief Makers uses cheery music and funny sound to try and be funny. But honestly, they failed miserably. Video games lately have put on a most advanced kind of music from real bands, or at least a truly advanced music track. The normal, Mario-style music just doesn't cut it.

Game Play-Fun 4 out of 10

You decide. Is it "fun" or "easy" when you can beat the first twenty levels on one rental? Maybe it's because the gameplay is strikingly similar to Super Mario World (16-bit hit) in control. The gameplay can get addicting sometimes, but the game doesn't have "goof-off" mechanisms like Goldeneye's "cheats," Extreme-G's extra bikes, and Mario 64's vast worlds where you can do whatever you please. To be honest, it's hard to have fun in 2-D anymore. Unless, of course, you're talking fighting games. Then again, the 2-D fighting games on n64 have been given low ratings.


It's a 2-D game. It doesn't use the n64 mechanism that truly puts it at the top of video gaming the analog control stick. The friendly Clancers act the same even when you beat them up. I spent three dollars on renting it. The graphics and music and sound and control are pitiful.

Replayability 4 out of 10

I'm being generous here. There is no multiplayer (hint hint) but at least you can just go back to easy stages and charge up again. But replayability bombs out because you've already beaten a game quick and you'll get bored, trust me.

Game Value 6 out of 10

It's like a Mario Junior. It's surprisingly good for smaller kids and hence the high score. N64 should ban 2-D from their system and focus on projects like Mission impossible, Zelda 64, 64DD, and stuff like that.

Overall 62 out of 100

Don't buy the game unless you frankly stink at gaming. Really stink at gaming.

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