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Mischief Makers

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Reviewed by Slimu It was a warm day on the planet Clancer. Professor Theo was in his spaceship feeling bored while his robotic maid, Marina, scouts the abnormal planet. You see, Theo and Marina were up there on the planet Clancer to find out stuff. Anyway, Prof. Theo then heard the door of his spaceship being knocked. "Visitors?!?" It wasn't visitors. It was some Clancerians coming to kidnap Prof. Theo.They wrecked his spaceship, and grabbed Theo away. Marina happens to spot them and chases after them. She then loses the enemies' trail in the town of nice Clancerians. There she learns some useful stuff about how to survive in the planet Clancer. The adventure is just beginning... Mischief Makers is the first 2-D game for the Nintendo 64. It's a very fun game with cute, yet great rendered graphics, along with wonderful music compositions, neat sound effects (not to mention great voices), a great challenge, with easy play control with the most moves seen in platforms until today! I would say this is a wonderful game that action fans should give a chance. The graphics are some best seen rendered graphics ever! The characters are beautifully rendered and cute. Marina looks just wonderful! Although she's not the best rendered character in the game. There's super rendered frogs, bees, worms, dogs, and more! Oh, and besides cuteness, there's humor. Silly funny humor! My favorite of which is the Clancerian woman who dresses up like Marina. I tell ya, she is uuugly! Calina's her name, and mischiefs her game! And mischief she does! She tried to use Marina as her name and causes havoc in a village! Another graphically funny character is Professor Theo. You should see him when he walks! He is faaat! How silly ;). You know, I think the bosses are the most graphically impressive characters in the game. Such as Migen Jr. He is ultra rendered! He looks better than Bowser! He looks smoother than Marina herself! He is absolutely da bomb! Also, those bees, frogs, worms, and dogs that I mentioned are also bosses. Seems like the Treasure people outdone themselves on boss graphics! When you see the first glimpse of the background in the game, you will know that those Treasure people really worked hard on it! It is totally rendered and pretty. Sometimes there may even be some hints of polygons and stuff. I would just fall in love with the background in the game! They're even better than Final Fantasy VII's prerendered background! Also, the opening of the game is almost FMV! It's like an actually Japanese anime TV show opening! It's one of the most wonderful, impressive openings in any Nintendo 64 game! I could just watch it forever...too bad it isn't a real FMV; then I'll really enjoy it! The game should deserve a high rating for the graphics. The music in the game is just wonderful! I can't believe the reviews I read about this game! It said the music can get on your nerves. Huh?! They must be deaf! The music is one of the most impressive for Nintendo 64! (I still think Tetrisphere's is the best) They must be trying to find flaws in the game because it's a platformer. Anyhow, the opening soundtrack of the game is, what I say a great work of music! It has to be at least a minute long and it has those little hints of voice-opera-type things that I like. It also has some piano in it which I think is wonderful, and has some humming-sounding stuff in it. That I like. A very interesting opening composition that I could get into, if you ask me. The rest of the game's music is just bee-uu-tee-ful! It always has those hints of voices in each soundtrack, and always wonderful. I don't see how anyone could possibly say the game's music! No it's not annoying. That's my bottom line, other than it's wonderful and great and stupendous and mind-blowing and, best of all, loud! ;). The sound effects are what I like to call: normal. Almost every Nintendo 64 game seems to have manipulated the sound effects in games to annoying unrealistic sound effects. Actually I think the voices are the problem in most games. But I say! The voices in this game is actually normal! A girl sounds like a girl! Take Peach's voice: She sounded like a Dumbo in Mario Kart 64. No offense, Leslie, but those voices are too dumb for me! Peach was absolutely clueless! So I am glad to have a girl with a normal voice in this game. Hmm...strange how a robot can have a better voice then Peach ;). Anywho, the sound effects are really kewl! The metal soles of Marina can be heard and it's not annoying or anything! Just normal. Ordinary. Enough about shoes clapping the ground! Now let's talk about the sounds of Clancerian nature! I liked the silly voices of the Clancerians. They have something like a mix between a Goomba sound and a whistle. Weird, silly. But I like those two adjectives. It describes me ;). The lava shrine of the Clancer world has neat lava sounds. However, the place was almost like Star Fox 64's Solar planet. But still, it had neat little sounds. That's my opinions on the sounds. Play Control of the game is pretty much simple. If you only want to get the game done without doing anything special, the play control would be pretty basic. Grab, Shake, and Throw. You can grab enemies, shake them to make some jewels come out, then throw them to defeat them. You can also grab objects called clanballs, and sometimes if you shake them, something will happen. It's like a switch. However, I chose to go in depth. I tried almost every move there is in the game, and it's fun ;). Obviously, you can jump. But you don't just jump. You can hover. You can super jump. You can high jump. You can fly. I think those are the aerobics you can perform in the game. But remember: those are only the air moves. For ground moves, you can, of course, run. But you can't exactly get anywhere with just running. So you need a boost. Marina is an Ultra Galactic Cybot-G. A robot. She has a packed in rocket booster, to make her go faster. You could just keep pressing left and she will keep rocketing left. Easy. You could also do the slider. It's pressing down, then A button to do a fairly short yet helpful slide. That's what you can do on the ground. Now on clanballs or objects! Of course, there's the basic grab, shake and throw thing. But you could grab clanballs and push off them to something else. Throwing objects is just throwing objects. But is an arm something considered an official object? Is a head considered an object? Is a tongue considered an object? As you can see, this game is fairly odd, and weird, and silly. (OK. So I have 3 favorite adjectives.) So averagely, the game features both complicated and simple controls. Sometime you could keep pressing buttons and that works. Sometimes you need to think carefully before you do something. And panicking also gets you in mischief. (This is the words from someone who got sliced and diced by a wolf. Trust me.) I think the play controls and really neat in this game and interesting as well. The challenge of the game is very good! Actually average. It's possible, yet not too easy. I mean, fighting giant frogs isn't exactly a very easy thing to do. Well, same with chasing crazy kids. The game has lots of mini-games too! Olympic games! Those were really fun! And you get to do math also ;). If you want the game to be easy, all you need to do is change your age. You see, when you start a new file, you get to put in your name, gender, and age. I think the age has something to do with the math game in the Olympics and the difficulty level. It's a possibility. Now the replay! I would say the game's replay value is the best! The music keeps you in the odd happy mood of the game, the sound keeps you interested, the mini-games keeps the game fun, the moves are interesting and always has something to show off. There are just millions of reasons that gives this game on of the highest replay values! The game has humor, action, drama, suspense. It's like an interactive movie. It always has something fun for us! And you could also keep playing the game to find all 50-something gold gems to get the best possible ending! On top of all I said, the game features a fat professor, weird aliens, old lands, funny building designs, and last but not least, a pretty robot ;). Bottom line is, the game is the best platformer ever made so far! It features the best graphics seen in any 2-D game so far, the 2nd best soundtrack for the Nintendo 64, the most ordinary voices found in any Nintendo 64 game, and the funny humor missing from most N64 games. This is a must-rent and may be a must-buy!

Graphics 9.5 Music 9.6 Sound 9.6 Control 9.3 Challenge 9.1 Replay 9.5 Overall 9.5

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