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Mario Party

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Reviewed by Mew Mario Party is a one-of-a-kind game. It is basically a board game with 50 mini-games. It is 1-4 players simultaneously playing. There are always 4 players, all players not controlled by a human player will be controlled by the computer. With 6 characters (Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario, and Peach), 6 playing arenas, 2 secret arenas, a mini-game stadium, and a mini-game island, 50 mini-games, and 2 secret mini-games I would call this a very good game. The winner is determined by the person who collects the most stars and coins on the board and mini-games. Also there are appearances by: Toad, Bowser, Boo, Koopa Troopa, The Big Boo, Goomba, Pirahna Plant, Baby Bowser, Fly Guy, and one of the Hammer Bros.

Graphics 85 out of 100

The graphics in Mario Party are very good. The 3-D Images are realistic. They also look a lot less like polygons compared to Mario in Mario 64. For instance if you took the mushroomed Mario from the Super NES and made him 3-D you would most likely have the Mario in Mario Party. It isn't as detailed as Mario 64 but more detailed than putting a old game boy game into Game Boy Color which is: just the right amount of detail.

Music and Sound 95 out of 100

The music in Mario Party is very good. Some so good that you might want to buy a tape recorder juts so you can hear whenever you want to! It has a wide variety of music to listen to and sometimes I turn on Mario Party just so I can go to the jukebox and hear the music! The sounds are almost perfect. They are very elaborate and sometimes I listen to the Talking Parrot for 5 minutes because it mimics the sounds in amusing combinations. The only flaw is that the narrator's voice sounds weird.

Game Challenge 85 out of 100

The game can be challenging with easy, normal, and hard difficulty levels. Some of the mini-games themselves can even be challenging. For instance "Ghost Guess" (where you guess the leader of a pack of boos by determining which moves first) can be very deceiving to the eye, even to hard difficulty players! Some mini-games you need to figure out something the instructions screen doesn't even tell you! For example in "Box Mountain Mayhem" (where you break boxes for coins) it doesn't tell you that the whomp blocks can have sacks of money in them. Even some arenas are difficult to maneuver in. For example in the "Yoshi's Tropical Island" arena if people are stepping on the "?" spaces a lot then it can get very frustrating.

Game Play-Fun 95 out of 100

Mario Party is basically a fun game. But as they say the more the merrier and that is true with this game. For ultimate 4 player fun I reccomend "Yoshi's Tropical Island" or "Peach's Birthday Cake" but actual results may vary(but not by much) so find some friends kick back and have some fun.

Rumble Pak 25 out of 100

The Rumble Pak is compatible with Mario Party but it doesn't really enhance game play much. It doesn't rumble much and mostly at weird times for a rumble. It is definitely not worth buying a rumble pak just for this game. But since it doesn't rumble much it won't drain the battery.


You can't really get very frustrated in this game but if someone gets "chance time" and you lose BIG I wouldn't blame you if you never played with that character again. (I did the same thing) You can't really get frustrated at not finding secret things because you have the world of Nintendo.

Replayability 100 out of 100

This game very replay able because even if you get 100 stars, all the items, all the mini-games, and you even beat mini-game island you can keep setting goals. (and you can show your friends how you can kick their butts)

Game Value 95 out of 100

This game is defiantly worth that price because if you have a friend/some friends playing it's great for any occasion or you can challenge yourself to be a Mario Party master! (and this game is GREAT if you have a friend/some friends spending the night).

Overall 95 out of 100

Overall, Mario Party is a fun game with smooth but elaborate graphics, nice and varietie music, good game play, and a challenge for beginners or experts. It can be played over and over. Plus it's great with 4 players. I would say Mario Party is one of the best games of all time and I reccomend it for all Nintendo 64 players.

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