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Mario Party

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Reviewed by Daniel No-one would get the idea of creating a backgammon game for the Nintendo 64. Except for Nintendo of course. And it's not a big surprise that the famous Nintendo characters is in it. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Peach, DK and Yoshi are the playable characters. No, Nintendo haven't forgot Toad and Bowser, they're just not playable. Was this game worth the wait? Read on to find out.

Graphics 8.3 out of 10

Not especially impressive, but works. If it had been more detailed it would fall in the same trap as Bomberman 64 did, too much details for its own best. So, Nintendo made the right decision on this one.

Music and Sound 9.1 out of 10

Kind of fun. Just as the graphics, not impressive. But, once again, fun. Each character has it own lines (just as in Mario Kart 64), and that's great. Great, great, great. What more could I say? Oh, almost forgot, Wario's lines are the coolest of them all, listen to them as much as you can.

Game Challenge 5.6 out of 10

Nintendo really messed up with the Game Challenge. It's all about luck, and nothing else. Absolutely no skills are needed, and that could really frustrate people. You could say like this: if you're an unskilled person, you won't get frustrated by the Game Challenge but if you're skilled, you'll get furious. That sounds weird, but I've already written the explanation.

Game Play-Fun 8.5 out of 10

About 60 mini-games... Fun. But the rest of it isn't should I put it? Well, you understand. So, the mini-games are fun... That's all for the Game Play-Fun I guess.


OK, here's the big one. At first, you'll get REALLY frustrated when this game is all about luck. (Already told you that). No skills. And, second, the computer ALWAYS steals from the leader, never from the one that has most money, which would be a hell of a lot smarter. Third, the one player is boooring. Waiting for the computer characters to make their moves for hours (well, it feels like hours) is not what I like. You have to be four to make this game last for more than one hour. And, finally, the last frustrating thing. This game makes you a bad loser! The only way to avoid that is to win. And win. And win. And so on. But that's almost impossible since it's all about luck. If you can accept the frustrations of this game, or if you just want to see how lousy this game actually is, read on. Otherwise, get out of here!

Game Value 0.1 out of 10

It's NOT worth the prize! It would be a humiliation just to give it to someone! The only reason to buy this game is to either try to sell it for a bigger prize than you payed for it, or see how many ways you can destroy it in. The average graphics and the nice sound doesn't help this game at all.

Overall 1.1 out of 10

If everything you care of is graphics and sounds, this game's for you. But if you rather have fun than watching graphics and listening to sounds, stick to the good old chess, Monopoly, whatever. At least you need some skills in those games, unlike this one. And I don't mean Virtual Chess 64 and whatever it is, I mean outside the video game world. Backgammons belongs outside all kind of video games.

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