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Mario Party

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Reviewed by Cody This to start with is a great game because there is awesome mini-games and great competition for all you expert gamers out there. you can choose from six different characters (Wario, Mario, Donkey Kong, Princess Toadstool, Yoshi, Luigi)There is Bowser who will try to stop you or make you fail and Boo, the ghost will steal coins from your opponents. Koopa Troopa, the turtle-like thingy will give you ten or if you are lucky twenty coins when you pass Start (kind of like monopoly) It is a virtual board game that is great!

Graphics 6 out of 10

The Graphics aren't like the best of the best or boring either.They are a rating of GOOD. The other games are a bundle better than this one. Nevertheless it is a good game but the graphics aren't as good as it is. Actually the video game of Mario Party is as bad and even worse than the graphics and sound and music put together! So my conclusion to the category box of Graphics is that the graphics and sounds and music are bad but the total game of Mario Party is worse than they both are put together!!!!

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

The music is the best I have found on Mario games yet. Not one Mario video games have not even come close on this games music. Sound is not very good on the game of Mario Party. Although the music is totally awesome the sound is very very bad. The sound is what brought this rating down. if music and sound were totally separate from each other Music would be the unbearably radical rating that was ten of ten. So the music is awesome and the sounds well......are not that good. In fact, the sound of Mario Party is not good at all.The sound is down right dumb!

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

The challenge of the video game of Mario Party is the best you can find in the Mario games ever. I mean little children through the ages of six and eight may get really frustrated. So This game challenge is recommended for the older crew of children unless you decide to play in the fabulous mode of multi player. So my conclusion to this category box of Game challenge I say that the game challenge is great. But the littler crew of children will/might get very frustrated during the game unless they play in the game mode of multi player and even if you go to that they still may get frustrated.

Game Play-Fun 1 out of 10

This game is awesome but the game play is going to definitely just make you want snooze to sleep. I mean I would sell it when I first got it if I were in the reader's shoes right now. The only reason I like it is because of the music which you can download at so this game has very bad game play. So my conclusion to the category box of game-play fun is that the so-called "FUN" is not "FUN" at all. This Game is boring with the game play and sound and music and everything else about this thing is BOGUS!!!!!!!!!


Like I said just a while ago in the box of game challenge, little children through the ages of six and the age of eight might get frustrated unless they decide to play multi player. Otherwise if you are older than that you will not get frustrated no matter what mode you decide to play in. If you are younger than that I suggest you do not play at all this video game. MY conclusion of the category box of frustration is that the game for mature children and adults, younger ones may get frustrated.

Replayability 1 out of 10

I simply have to say a couple of sentences to describe this category box and the couple of sentences are these now: The replay ability is barely making into my likeness at all. I mean the game it's self is boring however except for the music of Mario Party which is download able at mostly all video game web sites that you can find on the internet today. So my conclusion of this category box of replayability is that it is dumb and wasteful!!!

Game Value

This game is today $59.95 but it is definitely not worth the price at all. The reason I say this is because if you actually want to buy this piece of JUNK that is called Mario Party I suggest you go to a stinking pawn shop and buy it there. Because there is definitely no reason to buy the idiotic junk to start with at all. So my conclusion to this category box of Game value is why even purchase the stupid piece of junk called Mario Party?


I would like to conclude to my great wonderful review that the Nintendo 64 video game of Mario Party is a very idiotic video game and I can not find a reason at all that any one would actually purchase the idiotic dumb crazy stupid piece of no-good JUNK. Yes you heard me right. this is definitely the idiotic video game that actually is a piece of JUNK and people disguise it by putting the label that says "Mario Party". My conclusion of it all is that this game is the stupidest game ever made by any company.

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