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Mario Party 2

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Reviewed by Rocky Mario Party has been a fantastic success ever since it came out. Millions of people spent weekends playing this game with family and friends...only because it was pure fun! Nintendo is then repeating this puzzle game experience with a new addition to the SAGA ...and it was worth the wait!

Graphics: 3 out of 5

So maybe Nintendo's new title is not something to beautifully look at, but you'll hardly be paying attention to the characters and backgrounds while playing. To tell the truth, I don't think the characters look exactly like they should, really displaying just a mass of polygons with practically no animation. No outstanding special effects here, only some cute sparks here and there to announce an event and everything. Don't get me wrong, though, the game is wonderfully animated and colored, and all the boards are cute, but the graphics are not something you'll awe at anyway.

Music and Sound: 3 out of 5

Nothing different even for music and sound. For music, cute melodies and nice tunes are present, but you probably won't ever stick 'em good in your head because they're so confusing. The quality is above average, no great musical scores like in Zelda or Jet Force Gemini, but thinking about it, it is a different type of game. Although the lack of great musical scores, somewhat catchy tunes will entertain you briefly while you play, but the sound will most likely be obliterated after the first five minutes of play. Really terrible. One thing has to be said though, the music suits perfectly every board and you won't have trouble telling the Western or Pirate Board music apart. They sound effects are also above average quality-wise. Everything sounds cartoony and fake, but I think that's the way it should be in a Mario game.

Game Challenge: 2 out of 5

The game does not present a real challenge, even though you can choose various difficulty levels to put your computer controlled adversaries on. Even the mini-games aren't that hard, but still some are much harder than others. Some, for example, require you to press a button repetitively, while others require you to move around and press various buttons. Nothing really hard, maybe Nintendo wanted to keep the difficulty level low as to invite newbies to play and enjoy the game the same way experts do, but I think that this way the longevity sort of comes short.

Game Play-Fun: 5 out of 5

Now this rating depends on how many people intend to play this game. The one player mode is actually fun, but most of the time you'll watch computer controlled opponents that make their moves, and little bit of action is involved. For the lone wolf, there is also a mini game park where one can practice various mini games with computer foes. Not all that thrilling. When you invite a couple of friends over though, the fun won't stop that easily. There is the true heart of this game, the multi player experience. A real party game! This game goes from zero to hero in less than seconds if 4 people play at the same time. All sorts of mini games and challenges await, and you'll have a blast watching your friends fail or watching your team win. Then, you can just place the number of turns on a board to max, and you'll be playing for a long, long time...there's no stop to the fun!


This game did not frustrate me in any way. Playing it, even if my adversaries were way ahead of me, I've never felt like throwing the cartridge out the window. One reason why this happens is because of the lack of action in the 1 player mode. You don't feel sucked into the action, so basically it's like you were a computer controlled guy yourself.In multi player mode, the game gets too fun to allow frustration in.

Replayability: 5 out of 5

You could replay this game over and over and over again! The one player mode is fun, but once you've completed all the boards and mini games, you'll get tired of it. The multi player mode is what makes it all happen! Plug in three more controllers and you'll play 24 hours straight! Note that this game is intended to be played in multiplayer. Really, who wants to see a CPU playing 75% of the time?

Game Value: 3 out of 5

It depends. If you already own the first game, it's not wise to spend your money on this, because the two games are practically identical. The difference consists only in the number of mini games and characters. If you don't own the first Mario Party, and you possess a modest number of friends, then the game is fully worth its price. If you don't like the genre, it's just good to give it a rental.

Overall: 8 out of 10

A great sequel, maybe a little bit too similar to the original, but great anyway! Gets a little boring in 1 player mode, but multi player is the best ever! (am I repeating myself?) You'll be spending loads of time on this game...

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