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Mario Party 2

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Reviewed by Chris Smith This game is a pretty well thought out game. There are lots of other things to do than to just play the boards. The graphics are good for the type of game it is. As far as other things you will just have to wait and find out because there are lots of goodies for beating something at this game.

Graphics: 89 out of 100

The graphics aren't the best I have played with but they are good considering the game it is (a board game). They are better in some of the boards than others but over all considering that it isn't a great adventure game the graphics are ok.

Music and Sound: 70 out of 100

There isn't really music that is good to listen to it is extremely repetitive and is kind of like a little kids music. The music really revolves around sound effects more than some long piece of music. So overall the music in this game isn't the best but it will have to do.

Game Challenge: 40 out of 100

There is hardly any game challenge at all I have even won every single mini game there was so there was no challenge at all buying those stars. If you want game challenge then this is definitely not the right game for you.

Game Play-Fun: 95 out of 100

The fun in this game is really great. The mini games are great in the four player category. Though the games in the other three aren't as good. I especially hate the ones in the three on one because they are more fun for the person who is against the other three people. Overall though the fun in this game is pretty darn good so those who are looking for a good board game but no one will play with them start playing this game.


The frustration level for this game is high in some spots and low in some spots. Like in the regular game I don't think that there is a lot of frustration at all. In the mini game coaster there is an extreme amount of frustration because you want to finish the thing so bad but you can't because there is that one mini game that you can't do that is right in the middle of the game. So the frustration level is high and low it just depends where you play.

Replayability: 100 out of 100

This game is definitely repayable because the odds of you doing the exact same thing you did before are so slim that if you can do it you have way too much time on your hands. There are 100 mini games so it will take you a while to play all of them. They are all fun in there own separate way so the overall replayability is very high for this game so I recommend it for this reason to anyone.

Game Value: 91 out of 100

This game is worth its $40. Though is has its weak spots there is definitely room for the whole family to play. The game's content is good and the amount of things to do wrong is up there so its not like it is a breeze through the park to beat it.

Overall: 69 out of 100

This game overall is pretty good though it is not the best ever made but it is good. The game has its weak and strong points. There really is no way to tell if you will completely like everything about this game but there is something about it that you will like. I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a good time consuming game.

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