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Mario Kart 64

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Reviewed by Walker Martin My name is Walker Martin and I have a problem. I am addicted to Super Mario Kart, which is definitely the best game for the SNES. I thought I would enhance this addiction for the purchase of Mario Kart 64. I called Toys'R'Us and was the first to pick up a copy. I ran home, plugged it up to the 27" and started playing. My initial thoughts when the Nintendo logo came up spinning and car noises were I had definitely made a good choice. Mario Kart logo came up with voice of Mario "Welcome to Mario Kart", and yes it is the same annoying Italian accent. I was ready to play. I chose 1 Player Grand Prix - which Mario announced for me - and saw the choices for players. Everyone's back except Koopa who was replaced by Wario. I thought it cool they had a little animation (blinking eyes). I of course chose Mario to start off. The graphics are incredible and rich. The music is a lot better this time around and the voices are very good (except Toads which gets annoying fast, esp. when he gets hit). Well I started to play and my dreams were shattered. This exactly what everyone has said, this game is only an update if you can even call it that. I believe this to be an attempt to get a game on the market that Nintendo fans will recognize so as to satisfy software demand and to show off the abilities of the N64. This game is not better the than the original. Yes the graphics are nicer but as far as game play is concerned the original far exceeds it. This game is geared more for younger kids than the original. The graphics are "cuter" as are the voices. The game is not hard at all. I bet the game at each cc level as well as the mirror tracks - which isn't hard at all except for Toad's Turnpike with the cars coming at you - in less than seven hours. I agree with Scott about the Rainbow Road. In the original this one was very hard because you could fall off but in this one there is almost no possibility of falling off and your almost assured of getting first place. The sliding technique isn't as needed in this game as the original. The courses over all are easier but longer. I think my favorites are Koopa Troopa Beach (because it is one the more beautiful ones and it pays homage to the left out contestant in this game-look for the "statue" of rock and grass on the beach), Wario Stadium ( because of the possibilities that Mario Kart could have been like with all the jumps like this one has), and Bowser's Castle ( because it offers more challenge and the music is the best on this course). My last gripe is the ending. Couldn't they have thought of something better??? What a let down. You may think after all of this that I don't like the game, but your wrong. I am such a big fan of the original that I had high hopes for the sequel and they just weren't met. Now in comparison to the other games out for the N64 this is definitely one of the best. Two player mode is excellent, I haven't had a chance to play it in three or four player mode. The tracks are longer and more diverse in this one. I think the place this game shines is the rich detailed graphics, excellent music, and varied, clear voices. The new items are very good especially the three shelled items. The spike shell works very good just make sure you have a clean shot at the beginning because it takes a second for the shell to get going. The red shells are very good also. I do miss the feather though (esp. in battle mode) and the only real gripe with the items is the fact that the computer racers also get the lightning bolt and they seem to get it an awful lot. All in all this is definitely a game worth buying, esp. if you have never played the original. I definitely recommend this game and would give it a 4.0 out 5.0.

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