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Mario Kart 64

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Reviewed by Earmouse First off, I don't review games based on what I think 7 year old kids would like. Is this game good for a 21 year old person? Absolutely. Anyone who hates this game either a) doesn't have any friends to play it with ... or b) stinks at it. If you only play video games by yourself (and that's cool if you're into that) then go get Zelda or Mario 64 because Mario Kart 64 was not made for you to play by yourself (even though they did throw in a single player mode .. I still don't know why). THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO GAME EVER MADE.

Graphics 10 out of 10

The graphics are great (of course this is the case with most Nintendo 64 games). Tracks look good. Everything is smooth. It's hard to be disappointed here.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

As far as music I don't believe there are any Mozart masterpieces ... actually, I can't even recall what the music sounds like. But if it's music you're into that's what CD players were made for, so who cares. The sounds are good though. Each player has quirky little remarks. The only complaint I know of is that Wario cries too much (I thought he was suppose to be a tough guy).

Game Challenge

If this refers to the challenge of the computer, well then, there is none. Some people might enjoy this aspect (if you like thrashing computer opponents). Don't try to make this into a fun one-player game ... that only tarnishes the greatness that this game actually possesses. If this refers to the challenge in multi player action, then it should be a 10 out of 10 (of course, anything should be challenging against another person .. assuming skill level of players are equal).

Game Play-Fun 11 out of 10

It is just plain fun. For me it can be extra fun because I can't find anyone to play who is as good as myself (although I've had some steep competition). Multi player racing is alright ... but battle mode is just awesome. Four player action makes this game a party in itself. It is flat-out the best multi player game I have ever played (Goldeneye is pretty good too, but I get too dizzy running around).

Replayability 11 out of 10

Once again, don't try to play this by yourself. Don't think you should have to. Unless all of your friends die, the replay value is second to none. I find this game hard to stop playing what's you've started. I can't tell you how many times you have to say, "OK, last game" before you can put it up.

Game Value 20 out of 10

If you ask me, this game is worth the price of the game, the price of a Nintendo 64, and the price of 4 controllers. Get three friends to pitch in for the game (if you can't find any friends, then don't waste your money).

Game Control 10 out of 10

This is something I feel is very important to a game (of course, some people will throw this in with graphics). I don't know how many games have "great graphics" but when it comes to controlling your guys ... good luck. This game does not fall short in this aspect. What you see on the screen is what you get, so to speak. The speed of the game is great too, in opposition to some games where you can feel like you are playing in slow motion.

How could it be improved?

The only improvements that could possibly be made are: 1) Add a couple more "good" battle levels (donut and skyscraper don't count as levels). 2) Get rid of the single player option.

Overall 11 out of 10

Once again, DON'T try to judge this game as a single player game. Like I said before, "I don't even know why they put that in there." If you have a couple friends into video games then this game is a "must buy". If you liked the original classic for the Super NES, then this game is a "must buy". If you sit in your basement playing games by yourself ... then don't even think about buying this game. And if you play this game by yourself, don't try rating it because you are rating some other game that shouldn't be associated with the title "Mario Kart 64".

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