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Mario Golf

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Reviewed by Imagine this, your on the green, 18th hole and the winning putt. You are 19 feet away from the hole. If you sink this putt you get the gold. You line up your shot, then swing and a giant roar echoes behind you. This is just half the fun of Mario Golf.

Graphics B+

Unfortunately you won't find the wonderful courses on Mario Golf at your local country club. Realism was not Nintendo's main goal here. Still, the colorful, cute backgrounds are easy on the eyes and don't distract from the main goal, to get par on each course. The camera angles are very good, making it easy to line up a shot. The camera also zooms into the ball when it is flying through the air, crashing into the camera. The character design is pretty good too, familiar faces from Mario Kart and a few new characters that are a welcome addition. Overall the graphics are pretty good.

Sound A+

The sound on this game is great. Anyone who has played Mario Kart knows that Wario and Luigi have the most comical voices of any Nintendo character. This game didn't change their voices. From Luigi's "okie dokey look outa, fourrr" to Wario's "One two three FOUR!" the voices alone make the game. Everyone else has an ok voice but none can match up to these two. The music also is a relaxing sort of music that isn't too intense that it messes up your shot but it provides a nice background so that the game isn't to monotonous.

Game play A+

The game is great fun. As far as replay value goes this game has everything that one could need. The multi player is amazing with more than four different games to play from, Tournament, Skins, Slot and mini-golf. The mini golf leaves something to be desired (windmills, other obstacles) but the rest of the multi player games make up for that. The one player "earn a character" mode is difficult but well worth the time it takes for you to earn the characters. Also you must get coins to proceeded to next tournaments in the main game which is a pain in the rear, but makes game play mucho better.

Overall A+

Overall this is a great game to play with friends or by yourself. Nintendo is great at making party games and this is no exception. One of the best sports games for the Nintendo 64. Nintendo should make more Mario Sports games, like Mario Kart, Mario Tennis etc. etc. We can only hope that this is the another in a long addition of great sports games staring the Italian Plumber.

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