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Madden 64 vs. QB Club '98

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Reviewed by Mark Hansen Let me start by first saying I wanted to purchase Quarterback Club based on all the things I read mostly from USEnet. I wanted to like this game, I viewed Madden as something I had played before and could live without. This was my mindset when I purchased Quarterback Club. I was partial and really thought QB Club would be the better game.


QB Club - Absolutely awesome, the 640 x 480 resolution is amazing, the detail the players have is something not yet seen on a home counsel. The menu's are very nicely laid out, the teams logo are breaming in beautiful color. The fields are clear, but the stands to fall into a full view during the game. Madden 64 - The characters are no where near as clear as QB Club, but up to par with anything else ever released for any home counsel. The fields really seem to be finely rendered, and they present themselves in the game much more often. Comparison - One thing I noticed about the two was Madden's lower resolution seemed to show more action. You can actually see players reach up and grab the football, not to say QBClub doesn't it just seemed much more prevalent during play...during replays it was very clear on both systems. Madden seemed to have more action after a touch down, player dances, spikes etc. Conclusion - Madden wins out, there's just much more visible in the plays, the players seem to move better and it provides a more realistic experience. The animations from behind the QBClub players just don't look close to real.


QB Club - Standard fair music, but the announcing was horrible. Marv Albert commentates on the game, but seems to repeat himself often. The sound is also very garbled and doesn't really bring you into the game. Madden 64 - Standard fair music, announcing not great but better. Pat Summeral does the announcing with Madden throwing in a comment of too once in a while. Comparison - I have to say Madden edges out QBClub in this category, neither one is stellar but Madden has the edge. Conclusion - Madden


QB Club - Perhaps what hurt the game most in my eyes was it's gameplay. I just did not have a good time playing the game. Some glaring problems disturbed me about the game play, first was passing, although it was easy to get a pass into your receivers hands, the pass was knocked away when tackled by the defense. I will say this got better as time went on but it was still prevalent in the game. Running was very hard to do skillfully, it takes a huge amount of practice. I almost think the defense has to make a bad play call to get anything over 5 or 6 yards. The on-field play doesn't feel natural it's hard to express but it's a subtle thing that doesn't give the appearance of a football play developing. Madden 64 - I played QB Club first and when I finally got Madden I released a sign of relief, the game play just far exceeds QB Club. The running although not much easier takes some mastering, you actually have to rely on your linemans blocks and watch for holes. The passing is similar to past Madden games, it is a lot easier to get picked off this year, and both games shared their supply of turnovers. The game has the flow that's missing from QBClub it's subtle but it's there. Comparison - None, Madden just really is a better playing game. Conclusion - Madden by a long shot.

QB Club Plus

+ NFL License, all the team logos, colors, names, etc. + Stunning 640x480 graphics + Create your own Camera angle (An awesome idea) + Game Scenario Player + Cheat codes

Madden Plus

+ View from any player mode + Automatic Replays (which are very well done) + Fantasy Draft

Both have:

- Rumble Pack Support - Players Inc. license (both games have all players, QBClubs is more up to date) - Running options - Stiff Arms, Jumps, Spins, Dives etc. - Require 123 pages in a memory pack (that's an entire pack folks) - Trades, Salary Caps, Drafting I really wanted to like QB Club, I purchased it the day before Madden, I just honestly wasn't satisfied with it. The game play of Madden will definitely get my attention the most. Bottom line the graphics and NFL license , and a few extras just isn't enough, I thought it would be but it's not. If you can't decide do yourself a favor and rent them both, it's better to save the $60 than have both. I paid $59 at Kay-Bee Toyworks for QBBlub and $60 at Toy's R Us for Madden.

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