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Madden 64

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Reviewed by Sung Yu I was very skeptical about Madden 64 knowing that NFL QBC was coming out a few days later, but I rushed to my local Toys-R-Us to pick up a copy of Extreme-G and wound up buying Madden instead. Being a college student there are tons of people constantly over at my apartment. Everyone that comes over loves sports games. Gameday 98 and NBA live 97 almost literally melted along with my PSX due to the amount playing they had gone through. As soon as I brought Madden home my roommate and I played 2 quick games to test it out. After we played, my roommate was hooked and chucked his plans for the evening to stay home and play more Madden. None of us were ever impressed with past Madden games. (We own almost every system created including the Super NES and Genesis.) However Madden 64 impressed me in many ways. Let me start out by talking about Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, and ending it with FunFactor. Graphics: The graphics in Madden 64 are above average. Compared to Gameday there is a difference. The animation seems much smoother. When players celebrate in the endzone it cool to watch. The instant replays are nicely done along with the different camera angles. The only complaint I have is I wish they could have made more of a top view overhead angle where you could see the entire field of players. The game seems to run fast. My roommate was complaining how it was difficult to get off passes at first because of the speed of the game (i.e. before you got sacked) Overall rating B+ Sound: The sound in Madden 64 aside from Pat Summerall's commentary is my major complaint about the game. The crowd sounds aren't that loud and some of the sound affects are less than desirable. After getting used to Gameday's Loud music pumping on my surround sound, Madden's music sounded wimpy. Overall rating C Gameplay: This is where Madden 64 shines. Forget about scoring 80 or 90 points because it's not going to happen. This game is very realistic. The AI in the game is the best I've ever seen. There are a lot of fancy moves to help you if you master them, but don't think about running the ball 40 yards every time. The biggest complaint I got from people about playing me in Gameday was I had mastered the stiff arm and no one would be able to stop my running game. This is not the case in Madden. There are stiff arms, spin moves, and hurdles, but it's very lifelike. The game presents a challenge, and there seems to be a lot to learn about it. Passing is also realistic. I couldn't believe how many times my guys were being intercepted because I through into double coverage. This is what a football sim should be like. If you're looking to score a 100 points then go to your local arcade and play NFL Blitz or something. Overall rating A Fun Factor: This weekend I'm inviting a ton of guys to come over to play in a Madden tournament. With four player support and rumble pak support, this game is going to be tons of fun. Isn't that what games are all about? Just a few weeks ago we stayed up until 4AM playing Super Tetris. Madden 64 is a fun football game, and I feel that when it's all said and done, the game will be played until it dies. Overall rating B+

Overall Rating B+ or 88 out of 100

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