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Madden 64

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Reviewed by Phil Kehoe Ever since I posted an editorial at this site about Madden vs QBC '98, I have been getting a lot of email about the subject. Well now I think it is time to give my opinion of the game. I have been playing Madden not stop since the day it was released and a kid in the apartment next to me bought QBC '98 so I know which is the better game...Madden 64.

Graphics (4.6/5.0)

My room mate owns the Saturn version of Madden and I must say its quite and improvement to have polygon models present in the game. The animation is very well done and 100x better than QBC. My favorite thing is to see receivers actually stick out their hands to catch the ball. The stadiums are also very well done. It looks like EA learned something from FIFA 64 because the field scrolling is very smooth and a great improvement.

Sound (4.0/5.0)

Now I did have some problems with the sound. After listening to the Saturn version I kind of wish that Pat Summerall said more stuff after the plays. At least say the down and how many yards to go so that I don't have to look for it. Some of the crowd noises are very strange and sound like noise makers from a New Years Eve party. I also wish the crowd would chant something else besides D-Fence.

Gameplay (5.0/5.0)

This is why Madden is the preferred football game this year over QBC '98. The artificial intelligence is awesome. Every time I though I had found a money play, the computer began stopping the play regularly. I also don't understand how people say it is impossible to run in Madden. I just played week 10 of my season on pro difficulty and Curtis Martin ran for 150 yards on 30 carries. Yes you can only break a long run once in a while but that's what makes the game real. The only problem I had with the AI is that the computer tends to pass way more than they run which makes life easy for me because I just drop into a Nickel Man with that great Foxboro secondary.

Extras (+0.1)

Madden has lots of extras that will keep you playing this game long after you beat a season. First of all its got three difficulty levels and let me just say that Madden mode is hard. It's got Fantasy Drafts and custom leagues where you can play with the greatest teams of all time in one league. Very cool.

Overall (4.6/5.0)

I am really starting to like my N64 as a sports machine. I now have ISS64 and Madden 64 to keep me happy. If only Ken Griffey had come out then I would have been in heaven. If your one of those people who reviewed QBC over Madden (Next-Gen, then your not a football fan. Graphics can only go so far, in the end all us sports addicts want is to play the game. EA Sports definitely lived up to their slogan "It's in the game" because I have never played a football game as real as Madden 64. Acclaim you have a lot of work to do because next year Madden WILL have the NFL license.

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