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Mace: The Dark Age

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Reviewed by Mace is yet again another fighting game for the N64. As soon as new fighting games come out, we always say they are the best fighting game for the N64. Well, I'll say it again, this is the best fighting game for the N64. Boring! But this game is different is some way, it makes more sense, and it looks great. The graphics are great! Nice smooth polygonal figures with excellent backgrounds. This is one of the best things in this game, the backgrounds are interactive!! They have multiple levels that you can jump up and down from, and there is even some hazardous places like acid, lava, water that goes past your head, etc. This has never been done, and it's great! You can go any where, there is hills, nee deep water, it's sort of like a place that Mario can run around in. They are all nicely done and look great! The sound is so much better in this game than any fighting game. Instead of saying "You win" all the time, it'll say the name of the character "wins" It also has some neat in-fight sounds, not grunts and stuff but like when you hit sword and sword, it makes a clank, and lots of other stuff that make this game so good. The music is pretty cool too. Control is this game's worst feature. It seems slow, and heavy. It just does not seem right. Also, there is only three different attacks: A or B for quick, C left or C down for fierce, and C up or C right for kick and R, L, or Z to dodge. So A is the same as B, C left the same as C Down, etc. That means you only have three different types of attacks. Most games have six. If this game had better control, it would probably be THE best fighting game on any system. This game is tough. I rented it for 1 night, and played it that night and could not pass it on easy. It's hard for a beginner. You can change how many continues you get, the difficulty and various other thing. There's ten characters (I think) each with different traits. I don't think any fighting game has great replay value, except if it's like this but has 20+ characters and stages. Like I said the stages are interactive. This is very cool! You can move around anywhere, go in water, lava, acid, and various things like spinning spikes, blades, etc. So, in all, this is the best fighting game for the N64 (yet again) and would be very hard to beat. Rent it, or if you absolutely love fighting games, this one's for you!

+ Plus: Great graphics, sound, and very cool 3-D stages (see above) - Minus: Poor control = Equals: A very innovative, fun fighting game. (The best on the N64 if you like)

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