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Mace: The Dark Age

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Reviewed by KI Man All right wutz up guy's? this is my review for Mace: The Dark Age. I had been a huge fan of the arcade game for months and had beaten it several times and learned a lot about the game. I also had the first *real* web page up for the game =-). Anyway I rented the game of course and I enjoyed it quite a bit! This is still a great game on the N64 and its worth buying. There are a few things wrong with it. For one, the graphics are not nearly as good as the arcade. I was a bit disappointed in this. I know N64 can handle better graphics than that. The arcade's animation was much smoother and everything looked clean and crisp. Also the sound on the Nintendo 64 version was a bit garbled. It still sounded decent but the sound quality was much lower, and once again the arcade was a bit more clear and crisp in this element. The gameplay was very good but a bit different than the arcade because the control was not quite as good and there was so skipping and slowdown in the game. Overall Mace for N64 is definitely a great game worth buying. Its very original and fun to play because of the moves and combos in the game. And the last boss is just incredible... the best I've ever seen before in a fighter. I think everyone should give it a try.

Rating: 8/10

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