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Lego Racers

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Reviewed by Roy Koopa Next to Mario Kart 64, this is one of my favorite racing games for the Nintendo 64. The power-up system is one of the best I've ever seen. Like Diddy Kong Racing, you can keep getting better and better power-ups. And the shortcuts aren't very hard to find. It's mainly a one-player game, because you must build your own car out of Legos, and it's basically about building upgrades to your car as you win. The better pieces your car has, the better chances you have of winning.

Graphics A

The graphics are the best of any racing game I've seen. It helps, of course, that I remember building those sets, and the tracks are straight from the actual sets. The cars that are actually built look amazing, with parrots or treasure chests, or the actual people themselves, which you build. The tracks have features like falling towers, lightning bolts, shooting lava, and even UFO spaceships that propel you backwards.

Music and Sound A

The music is awesome, and those annoying parrot squawks are pretty good too. The voices remind me of the voice clips of Mario Kart 64, because there's a different voice for each character (even though Captain Red beard sounds Australian).

Game Challenge A-

This is a real challenge, because you must use the right item to beat each character. Like for Red beard you must you shields, and so on. Once you get the hang of it, (and get good items) you can master this one without much trouble. One difficulty is turning around when you get stuck, because there's no Spin-Turn like Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. You must keep getting those warps to get ahead of your opponent, and although the computers remind me of Mario Kart (they cheat really bad), you can win the races with ease after a while.

Game Play-Fun A

The only thing I wish this had was 3- and 4- player modes, and battle modes (like Mario Kart). It's really fun to build cool-looking cars, and then blast your opponents with the cannon balls or rockets. It's also cool to use the shortcuts, like the one through the waterfall, that are not obvious at all. It's cool to battle it out with the characters I played with years ago, and exploring the tracks makes it even more fun.


It can get really frustrating after a while if you're stuck on one particular race track, or running into a wall and taking an entire minute to get out. It's also frustrating when you're in first place on the last lap, you bump into a wall, and you end up in last.

Replayability A+

This is really worth playing again, because with the Controller Pak, you can build a different racer every time if you want. With all the different tracks, it's really fun to go back and find the shortcuts and try a different route every time. It's a game that's awesome to play with 2 players, because then you could leave behind Mummy's Curses or shoot rockets to make a comeback. And you always want to race again when you lose on your first try.

Game Value A-

This game cost me $50, and it was well worth the money. It needs some more tracks for 2- player racing, but with the ability to build cars and people, you get your money's worth

Power-ups A+

The power-ups are really powerful, more than the ones in Diddy Kong Racing, because if you hit another color, that one is as fully powered up as the other one was. My favorite is the warp, because you blast forward in the race, from last to possibly first! The Mummy's Curse is fun to pull on people, because it slows you down for a looooong time. The cannon balls are better than the rockets in Diddy Kong Racing, because these ones will follow the opponent to a certain extent.

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