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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Reviewed by Raymond Almeda Well, it's past November 23! Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is here, and it was well worth the wait. Zelda 64 has come to what most video gamers had expected it to be as it is definitely my top video game of all time. After playing the game once, you won't stop for another Playstation game again!

Graphics 98 out of 100

Plenty of lush and cute animation and graphics was seen in this game. More polygons were found rather than just pixels. Even though this game could have been more better if it had been released compatible with the 4MB RAM Pak, but the cut-scenes (about 1 hour worth) are amazing. The background and detail of the darkness and light combine Nintendo's greatest hits of all time. What is also creative is the effect the time change it has during the day. When it is sunset, the sky looks its best. All of Link's enemies have plenty of variety that won't disappoint you at all. There are over 150 different enemies in the game, and each of them with a distinct and new color for all video gamers. The bosses also have magnificence looking cut scenes as they perish as well. Excellent! Well done Nintendo!

Music and Sound 99 out of 100

This has to simply be one of the game's greatest pluses. The game simply combines traditional Zelda music with new and rich music that is very close to CD-quality while only MIDI. The game even has times where you would have the music change when you would go into a dark or dangerous place. So, the music doesn't stop when you go to a new area. It just keeps on going. When you enter a town house as well, the music slowly lowers its volume making you believe that being inside lowers the sound! The detail in dungeons and caves are also magnified when you get closer to an enemy/monster or when you light a torch! There aren't any REAL dialogue in the game that includes people actually talking, but for some reason, it's seems much easier to understand. Another revolutionarily advantage for this masterpiece!

Game Challenge 100 out of 100

This game is filled with plenty of surprises that could take you over 60+ hours to finish the game completely. The enemies may have weak points, but there is more strategy that what you might think. The game has plenty of difficult and big caves, dungeons, castles, and areas where you could get lost in, but there are also many secret places to go in the game. With over 100+ hours of play and more to do after you finish the game, the game challenge for this game is simply for advanced Zelda fans. Expect a 13 year old beating it much faster than a 9 year old. This may not be the most challenging Zelda (Link II is), but it sure comes close.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

Oh yes! Yes! This game simply has plenty of replay value and can be quite fun even though the game is only a one player adventure. Zelda 64 is the funniest Zelda to play and one of the funniest games for the N64 yet. The game simply includes plenty of Mini-games, hidden secrets, humor, and plenty of variety and levels to accomplish before you complete 100% of the game. The game wouldn't seem like a Miyamoto game without having the interesting elements in the game!

Rumble Pak 100 out of 100

The Rumble Pak goes to use more than Goldeneye 007 in Zelda 64! Well, Zelda 64 is a marvelous game with plenty of action as you fight enemies and even play Mini-games. You can even feel the Rumble Pak as Link runs and even while he's still on a horse! There are even some times in the game where you would have to use the Rumble Pak to find a special item, move, or special room. If you don't have a Rumble Pak or a Player's Guide for Zelda 64, you are sure to find less than what most people usually find.


There is one huge negative for buying Zelda 64. The first one is that most people were not able to get the Gold Cartridge for Zelda 64. Also, when you play this game, say farewell to your girlfriends, boyfriends, family, cousins, brothers, sisters, teachers, and other friends because you'll be playing this game so much, you'll completely forget about them!

Replayability 98 out of 100

There is plenty of variety in this game because there are Mini-games and challenges waiting for you after beating the game. You must also find tons of new and secret rooms. However, after about 150+ hours of game play, you're most likely to stop playing the game. It's still a great bet for a replayable game though. You'll play it more than your old Zeldas. There is so much to explore! It takes more than 15 minutes to walk straight from one place to the very same place over again!

Game Value 100 out of 100

If you are a Nintendo 64 owner, who care's about the price? This game has to be bought because it is 95% most likely to be the best game for the N64 including future titles. This game will simply blow you away. Get this game at any price even if it's not a gold cartridge. N64 owners MUST have piece of revolutionarily Miyamoto art.

Play Control 100 out of 100

What makes this game so unique is the number of controls you will use for the game. You will use ALL buttons of the N64 controller including the Control Pad. Make sure that all of your fingers are OK! You could get plenty of blisters just trying to figure out which button is which. The buttons are easy to remember however, and give plenty of pressure to the N64 controller. A GOOD THING!

Overall 100 out of 100

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time is the greatest game for the N64 yet. You must get this game before plenty of young kids get the game during Christmas. Get it now, and you will definitely become a true N64 follower. Remember GET N OR GET OUT? Get this game, and you are certain that you've already gotten N.

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