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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Reviewed by Mariorox Remember the good old days of the NES? Remember playing the first Zelda as a kid? All of the joys and the frustration we got when we couldn't find the bow and then we discover it after a month's worth of searching? And then about a year or two later we finally got our hands on the sequel and the magic was back. After a couple of years finishing it, we return to Hyrule on the Super NES! An even bigger and more exciting adventure! Then about two more years, we get to take the classic everywhere on a Game Boy and journey through a completely unknown mysterious island. The days are back... the Happy Days! The time has come for a new chapter in the greatest most precious game series of all time... The Legend of Zelda!

Graphics 10 out of 10

The graphics are the most impressive I've ever seen in any game. Now I'm not the kind of gamer who cares much about graphics, but they surely made the game look real. It truly has a 3D feel to it. An even better feel than other games. Some of the landscapes are breathtaking.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

Most of the classics are back. I still miss the old tune, but some of the ones from the Super NES are back like the towns. I like the BGM of the enemies. This way I get prepared for a battle before it even takes place.

Game Challenge 9 out of 10

The challenge level is the same as always. If you have a strategy guide, it's a piece of cake, but without one, don't quit your day's hard. All Zeldas are that way. It's very difficult to solve puzzles, especially in 3D. Most of them are redones from the originals, but there are new ones. This time the Ocarina is very important. The bosses are hard, but once you've discovered the pattern, their easy. Zelda basically is extremely difficult and extremely easy at the same time.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

The game is the most fun I've ever played. I enjoy fighting the enemies, discovering new items, and just riding Epona around Hyrule. The unique part of the game is that it's a combination of several genres. Platform, RPG, Adventure, Puzzle, Shooter, Racing, and Exploration. It's all here. I doubt a person could ever get bored with so much to do. Especially with the ability of travelling through time.

Rumble Pak 8 out of 10

The rumble pak adds a lot of realism to the game and helps finding secrets. Unlike most games, the rumble pak serves an actual purpose!


The game can be frustrating if you can't figure out how to get out of a situation. Some people finish it too quickly and they complain...but they're using strategy guides and that spoils the fun.

Replayability 9 out of 10

The game offers a lot. It is unique and long. I can't stop playing it like the previous Zeldas.

Game Value 10 out of 10

Collector's item. Great Game. Combo of genres. Difficult and easy. Plenty of features. Gold cartridge. Fun Fun Fun. Memories of childhood. The game is truly priceless like memories of being a child.

Nostalgia 10 out of 10

This game will bring back memories of being a child. I had tears to my eyes when I first played in Walmart. The classic is back. The memories are back. The enemies, the friends, the storyline. The Master Sword, a combination of all 4 preceding Zeldas. The difficulty. Be prepared to take a stroll down memory lane.

Overall 100 out of 100

Zelda is probably the best game ever. For a real long period of time I believed Super Mario Bros. 3 was the greatest game to exist. I believed no game would ever top it. Now Zelda 64 has taken the throne. The storyline is fascinating like if it were a novel or a play. The play control is precise. The funfactor is best. Nostalgia at it's best.

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