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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Reviewed by Joe Ricks Zelda 64 is the game of the Century! If you don't have a Nintendo 64 this is the perfect reason to buy The System of the Century. It was released in a gold cartridge like the first Zelda was but, only a for a limited number of buyers. The graphics are The Best of Any Game I have Ever Seen! The graphics you can't top until the Expansion Pak comes out, the only part of the game that is blurry is the Hyrule Castle Town Market. This game is so in-depth it's not funny, if you don't agree either you're stupid, blind, or are only going on what you're crazy friend on-crack said. With all the assortment of shields, weapons, spells, arrows ,and characters it would take a mighty game to overthrow it. It also has hundreds of secrets, so many mini-games, and mini-side-quests you can't help but love this game! The towns are breath-taking and large, the water's graphics, the nature's graphics, and the vastness of this game is stunning. The music can win an Emmy if it wanted to my favorite music is the Gerudo Valley Latin music. It takes a long time to cover just a small area of land, this game is huge! The enemies can get precarious and some only have certain weaknesses, while others can eat your shield or tunics. There are sprawling dungeons (plenty), you get your fill of puzzles, and challenges, there are seemingly impossible secrets to get. The bosses are the greatest ever featured in any game! They out weigh Link by at least 2 tons, and they can have the toughest weaknesses of them all! They are so tall and large that if you get hit by an attack it can take almost half of your life away! So set your hookshot sights on this marvelous game. You are Link the games only hero destined to lead all good in Hyrule to conquer the evil plaguing it. He has an assortment of weapons including, The Kokiri Sword, The Master Sword, The Giant's Knife, The Biggeron's Sword, the Hookshot (This and the Longshot can pull you over to places you couldn't ordinarily get to, it can also be used as a weapon, the Longshot is 2 times longer than the Hookshot), the Longshot, the Fairy Bow and Arrows, The Fire Arrows, The Ice arrows, and the Light Arrows (all three of these use MP "Magic power" and an arrow but are stronger than a regular arrow, you have to do special things to get them.), The boomerang, The Slingshot and Kokiri nuts, Flash Nuts (Stuns enemies), Deku Sticks (Use them as a weapon or to light torches and reveal secrets), Bombs the ultimate explosive device, and Bombchus (Little rat looking things that are bombs and run up walls). Your shields and boots include, the Kokiri Shield (Will catch on fire), The Hylian Shield (The shield that the Hylian knights use and won't catch on fire.), and the grand-daddy of all shields, the Mirrored shield (Reflects light and absorbs special attacks). Your boots are the Kokiri boots (Your regular boots), Iron Boots (So heavy you can't run, so heavy you can't float), and Hover Boots (You can hover short periods of time over water and gaps in the ground). You have special tunics for special purposes, The Kokiri Tunic (Your regular tunic), The Gorgon Tunic (Resists intense heat), and the Zora's Tunic (You can breath under water) you can buy these in shops but can also have them given to you. You can also get may items that can help you in various places in the game such as, the silver gantlets (You can push big blocks), Gold Gantlets (you can pick up HUGE pillars of stone and toss them behind you to break), the lens of truth (You can see secret passages), Bottles (Can hold medicine, milk, fish, fairies, poes, and bugs.), The Fairy Ocarina (Can play mystical music that can open passages, warp you places, persuade people to do things, and mesmerize animals.), The Ocarina of Time (Mystical Ocarina that does the same thing the Fairy Ocarina does but is blue and sacred to the Royal Family), Gorgon Bracelets (Allow you to pick bomb flowers), Quivers (You can hold arrows in here), Bomb bags (You can hold bombs in this for later use), Scales (Make you dive deeper, (there are other rare items to help you in the quest but you have to find them) ;) Well anyway you are the only boy in the Kokiri Forest that doesn't have a fairy companion. The Great Deku Tree orders Navi , a fairy, to help you in your quest. Navi finds you and instructs to you that the Great Deku Tree wants to see you and that she's there to help you. You have to find the Kokiri Sword and buy a Kokiri Shield, before Mido the leader of the Kokiri will let you to the path to see the Deku Tree. Soon you will talk to the Great Deku Tree and he'll inform you of your quest. This is about a 65+ hr. game so take the time to go through it thoroughly. Link gets older in the game after time and gets into an adult where he can use more tools and weapons then Kid Link could. The evil plague roaming the land is a man Called Gannon Dorf from Gerudo Valley. In 7 years he soon is ruling the land with an iron fist and by fear. While you were in The Temple of Time for seven years he stole the Triforce of power and took over Hyrule. He will plague you though out your quest. He is a tough character to beat but he will be one of the longest and hardest battles in the game. This game the pure majesty of what a game can be if the time taken is precarious and totally covered. This game was really worth the three-year wait of development. Myiamoto (Created Mario and the series, Link, Donkey Kong you name it he's a Video Game legend and only Works for Nintendo) and his 200 person crew took a piece of heaven and incorporated it into this wonderful game. So all the thanks in the world to Myiamoto and his crew.-

Graphics: 10 out of 10 Fun Factor: 10 out of 10 Control: 10 out of 10 Sound: 10 out of 10 Overall Score: 10 out of 10

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