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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Reviewed by Francis Rogers The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is stunning game, although usually that's what most people think right when they hear about it. The main objects of the game will be your Ocarina and the tower of Time (just like the name says), but there's more to the game than that. You get to control a young Link and an older Link (the name of the main character is Link, if you didn't already know) which has its different pros and cons. Actually, the older link is better. He can ride Epona, his horse, and wear the adult-size Zora Tunic, part of a great underwater suit. Anyway, lets get to the graphics.

Graphics 7 out of 10

You might think this would get a perfect score if you didn't see the game already. The graphics are great, but you can still see the "blockiness" of the polygons, since the N64 can't make a perfect dome or cylinder. These graphics are great for the N64, though they could be better.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

The sound is pretty good for N64 quality, since most games don't have the "CD-quality" sound the N64 is supposed to produce. The horse's trot through Hyrule Field and the splash of Iron Boots in the Water Temple are just a couple of good examples of the great music, but it could be a bit better.

Game Challenge 6 out of 10

This game isn't the biggest of challenges, because there are some good features are nice but spoil the fun. For example, pressing the Z button in battle lets you lock the camera onto the enemy, which isn't good if you're used to games that don't do that, since Z can easily be hit by accident. But, the way the battle is defiantly keeps it above 5. The battles are fought like most bosses in Action Adventure games, as in your in a room with an enemy or two, running around and fighting with a weapon that can be fired with a button (I'll explain that later.)

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

This game's game play is good, since the controls are self-explanatory. You'd have to see it to find out exactly what I mean, but there's a display on top with the A, B, C-left, C-right, and C-down buttons. they have a picture or word on them that tells you what they do at that time. The Fun is pretty fun, too, since the mini-games (like where you race a guy named Ingo in a horse race) and cool bosses (like a huge fire dragon named Volvagia) can boost up the Fun even more.


This game can be pretty frustrating, especially if you've never played an Action RPG before (I recommend Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for practice.). If you've played one before, well ,this is a lot like one, so either rent one or buy one, it will help in keeping down frustration.

Replayability 7 out of 10

This game's replayability is okay, since you can go trying to find the Pieces of Heart that boost your max health, or make up tunes on the Ocarina (For more on Ocarina Tunes, see Nintendo Power Issue 115). This game will have even the most advanced expert still playing the game weeks after they buy it. Only bad thing is, there's no kind of two player function, so you won't be trying to beat your friends weeks later after YOU buy it.

Game Value 8 out of 10

This game is well worth the price (about $50-$60),since it's a small improvement over most games. Of course, like every title for the N64, it could be a little bit better in every little way.

Battle System 9 out of 10

As I said earlier, the Battle system is a lot like an Action Adventure game. For example, Phantom Ganon (a boss, of course) is fought in a room where he comes in and out of paintings in the walls with his horse and hovers over the arena. The battle system will be explained below, in the controls review.

Controls 9 out of 10

The controls, as I said, are self-explanatory, but I have a little more I can say. The B button and C buttons can be equipped, but the A button changes depending on the situation. For example, in battle it says "Attack". If you can grab something near you, is says "Grab" and so on. It's a great way to be able to change weapons in the middle of a battle without scrolling through a list or pausing.

Overall 8 out of 10

Overall, This is a GREAT game. No N64 collection should be without this spectacular game from Shiguru Miyamoto. It defiantly displays close to the N64's best. It's already out, so go beg your nearest video game dealer NOW!

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