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The Legend of Zelda The Ocarina Of Time

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Reviewed by Brett Taylor Zelda 64 is a revolutionary game it has a fine mixture of graphics sound and game play! It is tied for the biggest game on Nintendo 64 with Turok 2.Zelda is a new bench mark for interactive media. Rarely is there such a perfect mixture of graphics, sound, and gameplay that even the most cynical players will admit that Zelda 64 is poised to shape the action RPG genre for years to come. I'm sorry I repeated my self but it really is a magnificent game.

Graphics A+

Once you step into the Hyrule fields, blinded by the early morning sun, you will be mesmerized by the incredible scale and depth of the landscapes. Rolling hills extend all the way to the far horizon, with Hyrule Castle barely visible in the hazy distance. After a few minutes, the sun will set, it will get dark, and the moon slowly rises in the sky. Far, far away, a wolf houls and skeletons with red glowing eyes ascend from the earth. There is no fog! The textures are magnificent and the characters animate so fluently it is a truly cinematic experience. Zelda also has huge bosses that push the Nintendo 64 to the limit. This game has huge dungeons and a very large amount of video that pushes the story beyond the video game level and makes a stride towards a truly interactive and emotional video game. Speaking of emotional the characters express many emotions through facial expressions.

Music and Sound A+

Zelda returns with a whole songbook full of marvelous melodies. Every location has a multitude of ambient noises, from the clanking of a windmill, the subtle trickling of water to the howling of the wind. The sound effects are brilliant. Depending on what you hit with your sword, you hear a cool metal clank, the bow and arrow are as convincing as the real thing, and the screams of the Dodongo send shivers down my spine. The overworld is alive with bird calls, chirping crickets, animal noises and footsteps. In certain locations, thunder can be heard and it will start to rain -- and here's the awesome thing it is in full surround sound.

Game Challenge A

It is a Zelda game so it has the perfect amount of challenge so that you have to think some times but it wont have you leaving your room swearing in vain. A 8 year old might be able to beat it if he practiced a lot. The bosses are fun and they don't take hours to beat either. Usually the bosses have some weak point were it can be hit (like for instance Queen Gohma has to be hit in the eye).

Game Play-Fun A+

The game play is outstanding! The perfectly fine tuned play machanics and the hundreds of secrets are just the appetizers. It is the most fun game you can play on any platform and the real thing that puts it over the top is that you have to travel through time to complete all of the adventures. The horse is a blast to ride around ,you don't even need a reason you can have fun just riding in the field and jumping over obstacles. The many mini games are a lot of fun one in particular is the fishing game it is so fun they could have released it as a separate game!

Rumble Pak A+

The rumble pak works well with Zelda but then again most in house games do rumble real well. The rumble pak is especially helpful when fishing and finding the secrets once you have the stone of agony. The stone of agony is a item the you receive when you accumulate 20 gold skultullas the stone makes your controller shake when you are near a secret. Of course you have to have already purchased the Nintendo 64's Rumble Pak which costs $20. The rumble pak also shakes when you get a fish on the line.


There is limited frustration in Zelda and if you ever get stuck you don't through a fit because there is always 10 other things to do. You always have a choice on what you want to try to accomplish. Not much frustration here and that's a good thing!

Replayability A+

It is a RPG and all RPG's eventually come to a end so the fun does stop eventually but I have beaten it 4 times and It still is fun when I start over from scratch and beat it again.

Game Value A+

If you think you got ripped off when you bought this game you are the one that stinks because the game of the century is not a rip off! It was defiantly worth the price. I would have paid up to $150 for this game it is that good. We only have to pay $70 Now that is a real bargain. It was well worth the money and the wait.

Overall A+

Over all it is the best game ever and every person that has a Nintendo 64 should own this game. If they don't they are missing out on a lot! The cinematic feel is so compelling and the environments really make you feel like you are back in that time. Never has a game came so close to being absolutely perfect and no game will ever surpass it until the next Mario or Zelda game comes out. So long for now and Hats of to Nintendo they have a winner! A truly stunning experience.

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