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Kobe Bryant's NBA Courtside

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Reviewed by John Kwack Are you looking for a great sports game? One that totally dominates all sports games? One that has great graphics and incredible gameplay? Sweet sound? Just get the game that has Kobe Bryany on it, Kobe Bryant's NBA Courtside!! This game has so many good features it's really hard to tell it all. Read on...

Graphics 9.5 out of 10

The graphics are what really makes this game special. They are superior to any other basketball game and the graphics are probably what you notice first. Things such as people turning their heads to follow the ball, detailed faces and hands, shiny bright arena court, and many others. These graphics are simply fantastic.

Music and Sound 8.5 out of 10

The music and sounds are good too. There are an amazing amount of voice speeches made by the announcer Vic Orlando. Every assist, shot, and incredible play is said out loud using varied amounts of enthusiasm depending on the home or visiting team. The crowd yells or cheers at the right times, but sometimes they repeat the same a lot or constantly have this yelling noise that can be irritating. The squeaks of the sneakers and oofs of the steals, shoves, and fumbles are perfect.

Game Challenge 9.0 out of 10

This game has three separate difficulty levels, rookie, pro, and all-star. Since there are a wide variety of teams and levels, this game can be suited for any age level, made easy or hard. It is a very fun challenge using the all-star and playing against a strong team such as the lakers or sonics. Against other human opponents is fun too and since there are so many moves there is a lot to be learned and you also have the challenge to master them all. Then you can show off to your friends.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

This game is pure FUN. There are so many modes and features and moves and plays there's almost no end. Codes are constantly coming out with stuff like hidden teams, big head mode, disco floor mode, and other moves. Playing against friends are great and exciting and whenever you school your opponent with an amazing around-the-back or spin-and-dribble-between-the-legs or stuff them with a mighty pack when they're on a breakaway you want to jump up and cheer and even fancy it up even more. You can create your own players so you can create dwarfs and giants, numbers, names on back of jerseys, strengths and weaknesses, and face. You could be creating yourself if you wanted to!! Take them on a court and get ready for non-stop pounding action and fun.

Rumble Pak 7.0 out of 10

This game was okay with the rumble pak but it's not quite the game that I think should go with the accessory. You feel it with each steal, pass, catch, and pack but other than that it's not much. Defiantly not even close to the rumble pak with Star Fox 64, which I think was the best game for the rumble pak. I say for this game, take out the rumble pak and place in the controller memory pak for saving statistics and players.


The only frustration in this game would probably be the controller configuration. The B button is to shoot and the A button is to pass which most players tend to unlike and they're not used to it. This results in wrong moves and can mess you up. Also, the other fancy moves are sort of hard to do and there are so many moves it's sort of hard to memorize and decide when to do each one at the best time.

Replayability 9.5 out of 10

Very, very good replayability. There are so many modes, up to 24 players to create, many fancy moves for both offense and defense, challenges for all difficulty levels and teams, and updated codes to try out, it is nearly impossible to get bored of this game. You will be satisfied with this basketball game and not be bored with its great moves and modes.

Game Value 7.8 out of 10

In most cases yes, but most stores sell this game for at least $50.00 around $53.00. If you think it's too much which is probably right, it can be expensive but the game is really good so I guess it's a matter of if you are rich or poor. I say though, GET THE GAME.

Overall 9.2 out of 10

A great game with super graphics, fun sounds, cool moves, good modes, compatible with both rumble and memory paks, fun codes, hidden teams and such, and the best replayability. Good game. Nearly worth the price. GET IT.

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