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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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Reviewed by JenTR Ahh, the next game in the Kirby line. Could anyone get sick of that cute little pink puffball? I know I sure can't. Just looking at the back of the box I said to myself 'I have to get this'. And so I did. So what did I think? Well, I'm sure you must care since you're here. So let's get started.

Graphics: 10 out of 10

You can tell once you turn on the game that Kirby 64 has awesome graphics. I love the way Kirby looks when he transforms into one of his powers. And everything looks so real, not so fake and cube-ish like I've seen in some other games. The graphics weren't made out of polygons, which can really get irritating. Maybe because the game was a side scroller? Maybe. But it sure looks good. The movies were really neat too. The theater option allowed me to just sit back and watch all of the cute little movies, something which is very enjoyable.

Music and Sound: 9 out of 10

Just like the previous games, Kirby's got cute little tunes that stick in your head. And that in no means is a bad thing. I didn't feel like I wanted to bash the TV open because the stupid song would get annoying. The sounds were cute too. I took off a point because I noticed a couple songs in the boards were the same.

Game Challenge: 7.5 out of 10

Here's where some people might want to forget about buying Kirby. But hold on, let me explain before you go chuck your games into the dumpster. Kirby 64 is quite an easy game to play, like the previous ones, if you just walk through the boards avoiding dying. That is of course, very simple. BUT, if you actually play the game like you're supposed to, you'll find it much more challenging. By that, I mean finding all of the shards. Some may be right in front of your face, some may be somewhere where you didn't expect it to be, and some you'll be so stuck on you'll have to revert to online help. Yes, even I had to do that for a couple shards. Note: (Comments on Jen's playing ability are not allowed). *ahem* Anyways, the bosses are also hard to beat. I barely made it past some of them, and I'm still trying to beat that Boss Battle. For some reason it seems impossible... Oh, another thing, this game is good for beginners and experts. Beginners just go through all of the boards, forget about the shards, and beat only 6 of the bosses. They are rewarded with an ending. Experts go through all the boards, collect every single shard, and fight the regular 6 bosses, but are rewarded with a final boss fight and a much better ending. A game for everyone, eh?

Game Play-Fun: 10 out of 10

A very fun game! It's hard to put down, because you just want to keep going to see whats next. Finding all of the power combinations is a plus also. I haven't mentioned the power combinations, have I? Thats like, one of the main features of the game! Ok, Kirby can suck in and swallow all enemies. Wait, make that almost all enemies. Stupid Kirby look-a-likes... any ways, some of the enemies have special powers that Kirby can copy. Like, Ice ability. Kirby swallows the penguin thing, Kirby can now spin and shoot a icey smog out of his mouth. That can freeze anything around him into an ice block. Or the bomb ability. Kirby swallows the little bomb throwing dude, Kirby can now throw bombs. They can blow up and destroy stuff. Now, if you think thats neat, you can COMBINE the two powers to get and walking snowman with a bomb on his head who eventually explodes! Isn't that neat? Quite a nice feature if you ask me. And if you're not asking me, then... well, ask Chad! Chad knows stuff! Alright I think I better move on...


Can such a cute happy game cause frustration? Only in a few spots, but it is very rare. Like the candy factory has a smashy thing that smashes you and then you like, die. They're like, one after another. So, if you get past 3 smashy things, and the 4th one smashes you, you have to do all of the smashy things again! Fun fun fun, right? NO! Also, some of the bosses towards the end maybe a little frustrating, but you can figure out how to beat them and like, beat 'em. And the Boss Battle. You don't really need to beat the Boss Battle, but it's fun to do when you beat the game. Well, fun until you die. And then you try again. And die. And then you try again. And die. And you keep dying until you want that stupid tree boss to die because you've killed him so many times and you just want to get to the Lava Man and get past him. *ahems* Moving on...

Replayability: 10 out of 10

You can bet I'll be playing this game from the beginning once or twice more. Or maybe even more than that. Because it's not like Zelda, where once you beat it you can't replay it until you forget how to beat it. Kirby is just fun to play, and you want to play it again, even though you've already played it! Anyone ever play Yoshi's Island for SNES? It's replayability is kind of like that. And I'm really hoping you wanted to replay Yoshi's Island...

Game Value: 8 out of 10

Let me clarify on my ranking. Is the game worth going to Toys R Us and shelling out $60? Not unless you're a rich little person. Is the game worth getting for $30 on eBay? Most definitely! So eBay shoppers, get bidding! I got Kirby 64 factory sealed for $30! Be smart like me!

Overall: 10 out of 10

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